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  1. I say yes but let’s not make it so that they had to attend that one camp in January. Just make it an award for best performers with their clubs this year
  2. You can follow them on an app like fotmob and get notifications whenever they play.
  3. Do we have a good enough relationship with USA to request something like this?
  4. Are you sure hutch is still out best option at mid? He’s gonna be 38 by the time the qualifiers start. What other candidates do we have at his position?
  5. Ok so I actually looked into it and he's right. not including friendlies and neutral venues like the gold cup, we're 0-2-6 in away games vs central american teams since 2004
  6. Wait didn't we beat Cuba away in the Nations league last year?
  7. Is there a stream for the friendly today?
  8. Anyone have a link to the stream for this? Will there even be streams?
  9. Wait doesn't the european season go until May? Did u not include them cause european soccer won't be on international break?
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