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  1. Welcome Home! (Close enough to Etobicoke)
  2. Started last night in a 2-1 win over Paraguayan club 12 du Octubre in the Copa Sudamerica. This game he started on the right side of the central midfield trio. Fotmob gave him another strong rating last night at 8.1 while SofaScore gave him a 7.3. Huachipato now currently leads the group after 4 games. A group that includes both San Lorenzo & Rosario Central. He has played in 8 of the 11 games this season (Copa Sudamerica & Primera Divison) including starting in 7 of their past 8 games. Hope to see him with Canada soon.
  3. This formation is ideal for both Laryea & Davies in our squad. Would have to see how it works out with everyone else. It looks good on paper and given this is a very common formation in modern football, it very well could be the way we move to. I would be open to moving to this as long as its transitioned appropriately.
  4. You're right, but its too bad because he should be playing at a higher level. Two years ago at 18, he lit up the USL League One. At least with TFC II, he can likely get some minutes with the 1st team but he is too good in my opinion to be playing regularly in the USL League One. Just look at what he was able to do in a short period last season in the USL Championship.
  5. With the addition of Dom Dwyer, it might useful for Toronto FC to loan Peruzza off to a CPL or another USL club for at least part of the season. This move likely pushes Peruzza further down the pecking order now and I would hate to see his development stall. He should be with a club in which he will be playing every game. It will benefit Peruzza and it will benefit Toronto FC in the longterm as well.
  6. I know it's already been mentioned in the Canadians Abroad thread but Doneil Henry came off the bench to score the game winner in the 86th minute today on a nice header off a set piece. It's been awhile since he has trained and played for Canada but if he's capable of travelling, he should be with the Canada squad next month. Not everyone might agree with me but now that he is healthy again, I still see him as a presence within this squad.
  7. Arfield limiting minutes at Rangers is probably best case scenario from a Canada supporter standpoint. If he's already starting to find it difficult to manage both club and country then remaining at Rangers and playing less minutes at a team also playing in European competition is probably best. If he were to leave to a smaller club and feature in every starting 11, he's going to find it even more difficult to travel on international breaks. That's my opinion.
  8. Red Card for Fatih Karagumruk. Besiktas will play the final 15 minutes with a man advantage.
  9. I was trying to read up and I've seen head to head is first tiebreak but I've also read goal differential. So I am not sure. Let's just have them win out just to be sure!
  10. I thought the same. I believe someone on this forum might have mentioned it as well and the results show it as well. The announcers were saying it belongs to Besiktas and the live table updates was showing the same on my FotMob app.
  11. Missed a goal right before half with a diving header about 6 yards out. Goalie made a fantastic save point blank but gotta think Larin has to put it anywhere besides right at the goalie and it was an easy goal. However, he just had a fantastic assist to the back post for a Ghezzal goal. Currently that proves to be a very pivotal goal in the title race. It looks as though Fenerbahce are going to lose today which means with another goal and the win, Besiktas will win the league given the head to head advantage over Galatasaray. Still 30 minutes to go though.
  12. Turkey Larin starting up top for Besiktas in a must win game. Currently down 1-0 right before half time. Galatasaray is up 2-0 and Fenerbahce just gave up a late goal in the 1st half. Galatasaray currently tied on points with Besiktas and Fenerbahce only 2 points behind. If Fenerbahce win, they will go ahead of Besiktas unless Besiktas can come back and win their game in the 2nd half. Update: Larin should have scored a header right before half time. Update: Larin with a beautiful assist to Ghezzal. Fenerbahce are now down 2-0. Updated Points: Besiktas - 81
  13. I really hope Dunn can develop into something for this Toronto FC squad. It's too bad about his injury because I think he was rated higher than Singh before the season started and may be 4th/5th in the pecking order now. The way TFC and the backline is playing currently, he still may get his chances sooner rather than later once healthy.
  14. Through my youth, I played pretty much the highest level of footy in Ontario growing up. Nothing prepared me for the physicality of NCAA soccer. It was a strong reality check and it was a massive jump from playing with boys to men. Yes, a lot of NCAA (especially back in the day) was more about strength and speed over skill and technique. I think it has changed now and players are much better prepared to make that leap. Regardless, it really took 12 months and a soccer specific trainer to figure it out. Hopefully it doesn't take the Toronto kids too long to figure out how important streng
  15. I do watch regularly. He's been fantastic going forward this year but has lacked the end product in previous seasons. 1 assist in 2 seasons doesn't scream attacking flair as an outside back.
  16. EUROPAAAAAAAAA https://www.instagram.com/p/COlZ4iMjJyT/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  17. Just personal opinion, but like I said, aside from Laryea, all the others are very similar to me. FYI Transfermarkt does not necessarily always translate. Fati & De Jong are more expensive than Messi, don't tell me you would take De Jong and Fati over Messi right now. Lots of variables in those ratings, including age, club, league etc. TransferMarkt has Cristiano Ronaldo with the 102nd highest market value in the world. Again your logic is telling me that there are 101 players in the world better than Ronaldo right now. Liam Millar market value is $55,000 according to Transfe
  18. ZBG has 1 goal and 2 assists in 3 MLS seasons. With 1 goal and 1 assist coming in the first 3 games of this season. Yes, he has shown some attacking flair in a couple games this season but he has been far from an attacking threat as an outside back in his first couple of seasons with Montreal. Perhaps under a the new coach, we see more in attack going forward. As for depth chart, excluding Davies: Laryea is by far our best outside back. I would probably put Adekugbe second but only slightly ahead of Gutierrez, ZBG & Johnston in which I all see similar levels.
  19. South America Juan Cordova has the start at RB for Huachipato against Rosario Central from Argentina. Huachipato just scored to go up 1-0 about 30 minutes in 35 minutes in. Rosario down a man after a red card in the 9th minute. Cordova has been one of the best players out there again today so far.
  20. You couldn't ask for a better national team for a Canadian dual national to be tied to than France. They probably have the deepest player pool in the world right now. Almost all the best young French internationals are making impacts with their club teams as teenagers as well. Here's hoping he proves to be enough quality for our men's program because it is going to be nearly impossible for him to break through with France.
  21. Starting today at RB vs Paraguayan club 12 du Octubre in the Copa Sudamerica. Currently 20 minutes into the game and still tied 0-0.
  22. In USL Championship there are a currently a few changes and a few unknowns. Will update the stats chart as the season progresses. New to USL Championship: Adonijah Reid - Joining Miami FC Jordan Hamilton - Joining Indy Eleven from Columbus Crew Matthew Srbely - Joining Tampa Bay Rowdies from Toronto FC II Remaining in USL Championship: Aidan Daniels - Joining Oklahoma City Energy from Colorado Springs Switchbacks Carl Haworth - Remaining with Indy Eleven Dayonn Harris - Joining Tampa Bay Rowdies from Real Monarchs Karl Ouimette - Remaining with Ind
  23. For comparisons - in 2019, we saw a total of 32 Canadians (2 goalies) play in the season. Last season we saw a rise up to 41 Canadians (5 goalies). Through 2 games this season we are already at 32 Canadians (2 goalies) with minutes.
  24. A little side note: Toronto FC's newest Designated Player Yeferson Soteldo is coming directly from South American giants Santos (hopefully I don't have to list the legends that have come from this club). He is a young and exciting player and I expect big things from him. I was excited to see what Santos-Borre could offer for Toronto but I like this signing a lot. Back to the sidenote - Soteldo played with Cordova for a couple seasons in 2016 & 2017 with Huachipato before he moved over to Chilean giants Universidad and then Santos in Brazil soon after.
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