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  1. Honestly, cannot blame Herdman on this one. Unfortunately for Cordova, our outside backs have become much stronger. He's very versatile in that he can play both sides and as a back and as a winger. For Canada, he is not strong enough to make the squad as an outright winger. And in our current formation, he cannot play as a LCB or RCB which leaves him only as a wingback role. Laryea, Davies Tajon & Adekugbe are all ahead of him at the wingback role. Even ZBG, Bassong & Gutierrez (when healthy) are probably ahead of him as well. Bassong is more verstalile too as he can play as an outside CB, even ZBG could probably slide into that role if we needed to. Would still love to see him in some friendlies in the future.
  2. Chile Juan Cordova played the full 90 minutes at RB for Huachipato in a 1-1 tie with Palestino tonight. Also picked up a yellow card. It looks like he has played in 6 of the club's past 8 games since the beginning of August. He started in 5 of those 6 and went the full 90 in 4 of those 6 games. Transfermarkt has him listed playing both RB & RW for a few games each.
  3. Official Instagram & Twitter posts by Canada Soccer. Additional tickets are being released now with the new expanded capacity. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUOTCNFAbZy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. Germany 2. Bundesliga Scott Kennedy has the start at CB. Currently up 1-0 in the 11th minute. Scratch that, now up 2-0 in the 12th minute.
  5. Probably just frustrated that he still has to play for Pacos 🤣
  6. This is incredibly frustrating to see. I was able to get south end seats for the last home games as I was available to wait on for the tickets right as they became available. This time, I was unable to be ready at 10am due to work and partly because I thought I would be able to get them around lunch. Obviously disappointed to miss out but happy to see the tickets sell so fast. Unfortunately, I had to settle for tickets in section 120 for this game.
  7. The same can be said about Kamal Miller on the left side. The first half his Canadian caps came as a LB. He played there in Orlando as well. When playing with a back 3, I think it's important to have those types of players for two reasons. 1) They can fluidly shift throughout a game & 2) The LCB & RCB role is really a cross between a outside back and center back. Hence why you do not see players like Vitoria & Henry do well there. While Kamal, Johnston & Kennedy can all play both positions (their skillsets allow for it). You would not likely see players like Gutierrez, Laryea, Davies do well as a LCB or RCB role. Whereas those types of outside backs can play further up as wingbacks. You truly have outside backs that can play in a back 4 or in a more advanced wingback role and then you have a different type of outside back that can play in a back 4 and also slide into a back 3 formation.
  8. Turkey Canadian eligible Ferdi Kadioglu has scored for Fenerbahce 3 minutes into their game vs Giresunspor.
  9. Came on for the final minutes of the Toronto FC game vs York United. Beautiful run by Okello to get in behind the defence and a very calm finish to score. Great pass from Bradley on that one as well. Great to see a couple of young Canadians get opportunities and create goals. We already know what Laryea & Osorio can do. Osorio scored a goal today. Shaffelburg had two beautiful assists and could have had a couple more. Laryea a two hockey assists as well. Shaf continues to impress. JMR comes on and draws a pk and Okello comes on later and gets a goal. Couldn't get a better performance by the Canadians on TFC.
  10. JMR just won a penalty kick for Toronto FC. Soteldo scores the penalty (could have 3 or 4 himself). Great to see him creating a goal. Shaffelburg has been fantastic today. Osorio and Laryea were very good as well today (particularly the first half). Okello getting a few minutes late in the game as well.
  11. Hasn't seen too much of the ball yet in 7 minutes but has done well when on the ball so far. Soteldo almost set him up for a dangerous shot but the defender stepped in just in time to deflect the ball away. Just had a poor first touch but Mavinga saved his blushes.
  12. JMR getting a 30 minute cameo for Toronto FC tonight vs York United.
  13. Has obviously had some injuries this season but just showed that he has the talent to continue playing at this level and hopefully another chance at a better level. Hopefully he can get some MLS minutes and maintain some good form to finish this season. I thought he was by far one of Canada's best players during Olympic qualifying regardles of not being able to put any of his chances away.
  14. Canadian Championship Toronto FC puts out their first team which includes Shaffelburg, Osorio & Laryea. York United starting 10 Canadians. Two beautiful assists by Shaffelburg and Osorio with a goal. Toronto FC completely dominated the first half and should have had at least 5 goals. Not sure, if TFC have turned a corner or if York United have been that poor. Shaffelburg, Osorio & Laryea have all be very good. JMR comes on in the 2nd half and earns a penalty. Okello comes on late and scores a goal.
  15. Scotland Wotherspoon started and is currently playing in the 85th minute as St. Johnstone lead Dundee 2-0. He has picked up a yellow card. Arfield entered in the 77th minute in Rangers cup game vs Livingston. Currently 2-0 in the 85th minute.
  16. Had to do some work to find these lineups and I am not sure they are 100% accurate. Denmark It looks like Manjrekar James played the full 90 in a 4-3 win in a cup game vs Vanlose. Vejle was actually down 3-1 going into the 90th minute before scoring goals in the 90th, 92nd and 96th minute to win the game. Austria It looks like Gloire Amanda started and played the first 55 minutes for Klagenfurt vs St. Johann in a cup match. Klagenfurt scored both their goals after Amanda had been subbed off to win 2-1. Slovakia It looks like Kris Twardek played the final 28 minutes in a 3-0 victory over Gbely in a Slovakian cup match.
  17. This is true. Any English player, playing for Chelsea is almost certainly going to get noticed from the NT. However, he obviously chose to represent Canada because the English youth programs had overlooked him. There is no other reason why he would go on and play for U20 Canada 3 times and then strategically switch over to the England U19, 20 & U21 programs. He was overlooked by English youth programs and Canada gave him an opportunity and then he almost immediately switched over back to English setup after a couple of very strong performances vs them (he was tremendous against Rashford in the one game in particular). It will be interesting to see if Tomori gets called for England in October or November. I cannot see how he continues to stay out of this team with the way he is playing in Italy. Also, England may have a game or two in November where they've already clinched and may call some fringe players back. Hopefully Tomori is smart about his decision making if called upon. I also wonder if we lose out on Marmoush & Ferdi in the next couple of months. All signs seem to show they'll be called to Turkey & Egypt soon enough. All three players we could use, but Tomori would be the biggest addition for obvious reasons.
  18. I just read today that MLSE plans to have full capacity for the Leaf's games from the start of this season (with the Covid passport in place). NHL regular season starts on October 12th I think. I can't imagine that the Leafs would be allowed full capacity indoors but the CMNT would be put into further restrictions at an outdoor event. However, I feel like the Leafs have way more pull than the CMNT. I also agree that I believe we are waiting until the last minute as much possible again just in case something changes. It just seems strange that MLSE would be rolling out full capacity for 41 home Leaf's games but would restrict the BMO capacity outdoors for a one time event. Understanding also that CSA is involved while the Leafs are entirely MLSE.
  19. At first, I thought it was an Oriental club but it is in fact a Portuguese club. 🤣
  20. In regards to the crowd, almost every single Salvadorian fan wore blue while the casual Canadian fans did not wear red and I think this makes a little bit of a difference. My parents came to the game and I had requested they wear red but neither have it in their wardrobe. I was able to give my father a jersey to wear and my mother a white Canada shirt to wear. I thought the Salvadorian fans were very respectful and I saw many of them wearing their blue jerseys but were also carrying a Canada flag or something red to support both. Do not see that with too many visiting fans normally. A very prideful country but based on the many Salvadorian friends I have, they will be supporting Canada every other game not against the ES.
  21. To clarify, El Salvador was supposed to train at the Portuguese club called Oriental in Cambridge for Monday and Tuesday. There was doubt when the news broke but several Salvadorian fans showed up to the club on Monday night. As more doubt creeped in from fans Monday night, there was a facetime call between someone from the ES staff and a member of Oriental club to clarify that there were some Covid issues and vaccination issues and that they had to cancel but I believe they were advised that they would still be paying for the use of the facility anyways. Tuesday night was severe thunderstorms and downpour so I'm not even sure they could have trained anyways. Perhaps the ES squad had not taken into account the terrible 401 travel commute. The club itself is quite isolated on the outskirts of Cambridge and there is a fairly significant population of Salvadorians in Cambridge and Kitchener.
  22. I'm sorry if that came off rude, I was 100% just trying to figure out how to put that quote into a sentence. As many have already stated on here, a lot of it has to do with competition. Men's soccer is truly the world's game. Meanwhile the women's game has a much shorter history where the developed nations of the world really implemented the women's game early on. Teams such as Canada, USA, Brazil, Sweden, England, Japan, France, etc. For CONCACAF & CONMEBOL (Latin American and Caribbean) these countries have always been behind in women's soccer. The exceptions in this hemisphere are Brazil, USA & Canada although teams like Argentina & Mexico are narrowing the gap.
  23. It doesn't take rocket appliances to figure this all out. For those that don't know, just one of the many Rickyisms from Trailer Park Boys.
  24. I can't confirm the hotel they are staying at but I can confirm the training in Cambridge is legit. Like I said, they were not able to train at the club tonight as planned due to some Covid issues but I was advised a representative from the ES team facetimed the club in Cambridge to confirm cancellation of tonight's training. And apparently all 100% good to train tomorrow at the club.
  25. I played and coached for some years in the US and this is exactly true. They truly believe they are the greatest in everything (not just sport & soccer). It's actually quite embarrassing to hold conversations with them about their teams and soccer in general. One thing I have noticed as well is that high level soccer players in the US (NCAA and low level professionals) surprisingly lack knowledge of the game in general and many do not even pay attention to world football at all. The same levelled players from Canada are quite opposite from everything I have learned over the years.
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