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  1. Agreed about Wotherspoon. With Hutch, Kaye and Eustaquio in midfield he most likely doesn’t start, but in the absence of Arfield and Osorio he’s a good depth player.
  2. If we play Buchanan at RW, we would have to either sit Hoilett, or move him to LW, in which case we would have to move Davies to LB.
  3. Borjan Buchanan Vitoria Miller Laryea Eustaquio Arfield Hoilett David Davies Cavallini In my opinion, this lineup puts our best fullbacks and wingers on the field and gives us awesome firepower. Larin is currently playing very well, but I really like Cavallini.
  4. Does anyone know whether Catavolo and Kane are with Montreal's new U23 team?
  5. Very good starting 11. Agree that Arfield is our best number 10. I would put Davies at left back and either Hoilett or Buchanan at left wing. We would be just as good defensively and have more firepower.
  6. 1. Davies 2. Eustaquio 3. David 4. Hutchinson 5. Laryea
  7. Kaye is an excellent playmaker and deserves to start. He isn't a sub.
  8. Twelve players on the bench. I count 6 Canucks: AJH, Tabla, Shome, Choinière, ZBG, Yao.
  9. Why on earth have soccer leagues in some countries not suspended their season?
  10. Je parlais de Saint-Jean de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador (St. John’s). En anglais, Saint-Jean du Nouveau-Brunswick s’appelle Saint John.
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