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  1. Kaye is an excellent playmaker and deserves to start. He isn't a sub.
  2. Twelve players on the bench. I count 6 Canucks: AJH, Tabla, Shome, Choinière, ZBG, Yao.
  3. Why on earth have soccer leagues in some countries not suspended their season?
  4. Je parlais de Saint-Jean de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador (St. John’s). En anglais, Saint-Jean du Nouveau-Brunswick s’appelle Saint John.
  5. I hope he features regularly, but the Impact have 5 other wingers: Piatti, Okwonkwo, Browne, Bayiha, and Lappalainen. Choinière has also played fairly often as a winger.
  6. I would go with Mathieu Choinière instead of Verhoeven, although both are very good choices, and Carducci as the keeper if he is young enough. Pantemis hasn’t been playing at all.
  7. Why not an MLS team? Canadians would actually be able to see him play.
  8. Kaye should start ahead of Osorio, but it’s very close.
  9. En effet. Un pas dans la bonne direction.
  10. And Piette for Eustaquio if need be. Midfield definitely looking really good!
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