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  1. “After the World Cup the club wanted to tie down Facchineri and Pecile who both had EU passports and felt Kam still had time given he’s almost a 2004 born. Of course with covid things slowed down a lot. It’s definitely in the works, lots of interest from CPL and abroad. Just a matter of time” This is a direct quote from someone close to Kam about his situation with the Caps. Haven’t heard anything new since.
  2. Balotelli is being linked to Besiktas
  3. DAZN has Ligue 1 rights in France?
  4. Manuel doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Inbeom is a senior DP this year.
  5. Cáseres and Rojas are two separate bits of info. But yes, Rojas name was speculated after I was told that the Caps were close to signing a top scorer from Argentina.
  6. It looks like he might be interested in MLS in general, as the Caps weren’t the only club he followed yesterday.
  7. Reyna extended his contract here less than a year ago and by all accounts he’s quite happy playing for the Whitecaps. MDS has also repeatedly praised him, so unless he flops next season, I don’t see him being moved on.
  8. Hoilett has another year on his contract with Cardiff and I don’t see the Caps having any interest in Benezet. They’re currently in talks with António Xavier who plays for Tondela in Portugal’s Liga Nos. If they can either get Xavier on a free or at a minimal fee, I’d expect him to play left wing and Reyna to play the right.
  9. Cavallini’s a DP - his wage + transfer fee make it impossible to buy him down.
  10. My two cents on the Whitecaps search for a new Technical Director. https://thisglasscity.wordpress.com/2019/08/21/technical-direction/
  11. “MLS could be the next destination of Cavallini” http://www.record.com.mx/columnistas-david-medrano/mls-podria-ser-el-proximo-destino-de-cavallini
  12. Both Khemiri and Godoy have been confirmed in their respective countries, just waiting for the Whitecaps to do a release.
  13. It was being discussed as a possible swap, but after they hit an impasse with Cordova, the Blondell deal got done in isolation.
  14. I’ve been talking to someone sitting at the negotiation table. The Whitecaps want Cordova to come in on trial before they agree to the deal, and both Huachipato and Cordova’s camp think it’s a ridiculous request. If the Caps don’t pull it off the table then no deal is going to happen.
  15. The whitecaps are making certain demands that could put the transfer in jeopardy
  16. Not done yet. Doesn’t look good of them getting it over the line.
  17. Waston leaving the Whitecaps http://www.yashinquesada.com/web/index.php/legionarios/640-kendall-waston-esta-a-punto-de-dejar-el-vancouver-whitecaps
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