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  1. unfortunately no, haven't been able to find any info saying that these games will be streamed.
  2. Checking in for preseason, Klagenfurt are through four friendlies so far: - a 5-0 win over fourth-tier Köttmannsdorf (that Gloire wasn't involved in, probably quarantine/getting up to speed) - an 11-1 win over fourth-tier ASK Klagenfurt (where he picked up a goal) - a 16-0 win over fourth-tier Villach (in which Gloire scored six, going the full 90') - a 2-1 loss to 1860 Münich (in which Gloire saw the full 90' and had a few nice shots w/ no goals).
  3. fwiw; Ferreira at the time had just be let go from his contract at Farense (caveat, he did play like 9 minutes in one app prior to December), Sturing had just come off an injury early on in 2021 after playing practically every minute for Den Bosch in 2020 - at the same time, Manjrekar has been battling injuries for the better part of the last two years... the only time he's really been included in FCM's squad was after getting over his last injury (in fact, the whole point of his loan to Greece was to get some training and match fitness back into him that FCM couldn't promise).
  4. I'm hopeful, considering the amount of eyes that go on the Swiss SL from a scouting perspective - as for the move itself though, yeah, it's a two-year loan with an option-to-buy included.
  5. Answering re: Norway: it's a lot closer in terms of competition at the top within the Eliteserien nowadays, especially with RBK falling by the wayside and now mostly Molde carrying the co-eff. On the whole, clubs are just having a tough time navigating away legs.
  6. From FCZ's article - FCZ sports director Marinko Jurendic commented on the newcomer: "Carson is a young player who has exceptional physical properties for his age, combined with good technique and mentality. We are very pleased that Carson has chosen FCZ. He should develop with us and establish itself in the Super League." Had two goals and three assists in 12 league games for Tulevik this season, starting and going 90' in 12 of the 14 games he was eligible for - including 8 straight starts - in a left wing/left-mid role for the club, after signing for them back in February. This is also technically his second stint with Tulevik, after trialling for them a couple years back (too young to sign officially at the time). Personally, I love the move because it's a no-risk move that really can only end positively for the guy, between the increased eyeballs that comes with the Swiss SuperLeague and the higher level of play. Gonna be interesting to see how he does over the course of his loan. It also happens that his two goals with Tulevik were uh... I'll let the tape speak for itself:
  7. Thread slightly overdue based on what he managed with Tulevik in a small body of work, but:
  8. Press release from Klagenfurt confirms it's a 2-year deal for Gloire - couple quotes include: “We worked hard to bring Gloire Amanda to Waidmannsdorf. He's been very popular with some clubs in Major League Soccer, but he wants to prove himself in Europe. He made that clear in the video calls we had with him. Our fans can look forward to a guy who is cheeky, who knows no fear. He certainly has the potential to help the team and give us a lot of pleasure. " Gloire Amanda took the plane to Munich in Oregon and was received there by Matthias Imhof. Together we went to Carinthia by car, and he should be on the field as early as Monday at the start of preparations in the sports park. “I am ready to take the next step in my career. The discussions with those responsible at Austria were very trusting, open and honest. I can't wait to get to know everyone and show my skills. "
  9. As an aside, last I heard, he was indeed somewhere in that neighbourhood (maybe a smidge closer to 80k EUR/yr, but splitting hairs at that point) - though you would also have to factor in quality of life, considering he was/is living in Oslo and likely was paid in Norwegian kroner (which up until a few years ago was considered to be pretty strong/stable).
  10. Move made official by VIF this morning:
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