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CPL Alternative Models


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Since the 121 page CPL thread will only increase in size before any actual CPL confirmation happens, how about a thread to just discuss alternative models to the closed, franchise based one. IF we are all to be 'consumers' of this new 'product', consider this more of a focus group on desired  league structures.

For some fun reading, this is Dennis Crowley from Stockade FC https://medium.com/@dens/stockade-fc-end-of-season-recap-2016-c2e4d318b364#.71donenmf

And my ideal setup? Follow the Easton report recommendations and start with lower leagues and build up.  Except I'd start at Div 6 (municipal level), with promotion relegation to Div 5 (surrounding metro level), Div 4 (provincial level for Alberta sized provinces, or half province for BC, Ontario - CHJL model), Div 3 (interprovincial leagues to serve as a prep league for increased costs of Div 2) , Div 2 (western Canada league and eastern Canada league or CHL model) and of course Div 1 (full national).  Div 1 locations would then be based on whoever rises through the Divisions.

The biggest advantage is that it would actually build a solid base for a Div 1 to survive and prosper and for someone like Bob Young, a way cheaper alternative to achieve the same result.

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