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$5000 cash tournament at Docks Aug 18-19

Guest newyears1974

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Guest newyears1974


"Surf and Turf" Tournament:

- All teams participate in two mini tournaments; 5 vs. 5 on beach sand and 4 vs. 4 futsal on outdoor turf with boards.

- The winner of the sand tournament will face the winner of the turf in a home and away final (one game on each surface).

- If your team wins both the turf and the sand elimination rounds, then you take home $6000.

- All games will run 25 minutes.

- All games are outdoors at Soccerworld Polson Pier

- GROUP STAGE will beheld on Saturday August 18th with ELIMINATION games on Sunday August 19th

- Game times between 8:30am - 8:00pm (games will be close to eachother)

- Entry fee is $380/team ($336.28 + HST)

- Max 6 players on roster.

Prize structure:

Tournament Grand Prize $5,000.00

Runner Up of Final $1,000.00

Finalist of Turf 4 vs 4 $400.00

Finalist of Beach 4 vs 4 $400.00

Link for registration: http://www.soccerworldcentral.ca/tournaments/surf-and-turf-cash-tournament-

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