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CSL 2010 Week 13

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Result of the Friday July 30th, 2010 CSL game between Hamilton Croatia and London City played at Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton at 9:00pm.

9 min...Hamilton Jason Shannon GOAL...HC Preston Corporal gives Shannon pass from 30 yards on right and Shannon takes 15 yard low shot from right that's into left corner of net.

29 min...Hamilton Preston Corporal GOAL...HC Jason Shannon chips in pass from the right and Corporal has ball drop to him and his low 25 yard shot is through crowd of players into left side of net.

33 min...Hamilton RED card...Jason Shannon takes his second card of the game for a knock down on City Erik Elmauer at City 50 yards injuring him when Shannon was trying to get around him to get to ball. Shannon had picked up his first yellow card at 18 minutes for complaining when City player sat on the ball falling backwards and referee Sylviu Petrescu call a City freekick at London 25 yards.

36 min...Hamilton Preston Corporal GOAL...HC Antonijo Zupan freekick from 45 yards is sent to right and HC Peter Tereanski-Toth crosses in from 45 yards on right to Corporal who shoots low 15 yarder to left side of net.

44 min...City Genti Buzali GOAL...Buzali gets pass at 25 yards on right and eludes HC goalie Cameron McKay and takes 15 yard shot into center of net that's between two defenders who'd retreated to guard both goal posts.

60 min...Hamilton Boris Vurdelsa GOAL...HC Aidan O'Keefe rush on right and cross from near right cornerflag that HC player misses at 10 yards and Vurdelsa blasts 15 yarder down middle to right corner of net through crowd of players.

66 min...Hamilton Preston Corporal GOAL...HC Boris Vurdelja takes 22 yard freekick down middle that has goalie Scott Mueller block ball but give up big rebound and Corporal kicks in 7 yarder down middle to left side of net.

72 min...City Michael Marcoccia GOAL...City Jagger Hassan cross from 15 yards on right has charging Marcoccia head ball in from 6 yards on left.

81 min...City replace goalies with Daryl Lotz replaing Scott Mueller.

93 min...City RED card...Jagger Hassan earns a straight ejection for his two footed tackle on HC Daniel Niksic at City 45 yards.

94 min...game ends.

Final Score:..........Hamilton Croatia.........6...........London City........2............

Attendance was about 200 on this mild night. This was the only game in the league tonight. I don't usually venture outside of the greater Toronto area but this game had a late Friday night start as usual between two teams who don't come to Toronto too often. If I want to see every team in the league play at least three times before the playoffs, I felt this was the week to visit. I'd only seen these teams up until tonight play only once this season.

Hamilton Croatia was very impressive in tonight's showing and leaped into 3rd place at least for the short term with the win. They played from the 33 minute mark with a man down. I was expecting City would close but Croatia scored only three minutes after going down a man and broke their determination. Preston Corporal scored three goals on the night. Each of the announcing of his goals was preceded by the announcer shouting "It's Show Time!" He almost had about two or three more. Referee Sylviu Petrescu who I've read from MLS game reports in the last few weeks gave out four Yellow cards and a Red to Croatia while giving City just 'stop it/cut it out' hand gestures for equally tough challenges until the last ten minutes of the game when he finally gave out a Yellow and a Red to them. This drove the fans wild but with such a wide lead, it wasn't too hostile and he got some sarcastic laughs.

London City remain in last place and have replaced their coach with Luka Shaqiri. Player/coach Andrew Loague had started the year. He started tonight's game but played only 39 minutes before being subbed by leading scorer Thomas Beattie who'd scored six of the thirteen goals the team had scored up until tonight.

I had not been to this stadium in quite a few years [August 13, 2006]. It was Toronto Lynx vs Hamilton Serbians in a Canadian Open Cup match (strange but neither of those teams were in the CSL league). I did a double take as I had not heard the south side stands had been demolished. There were enough seats on the north side aluminum stands for tonight's crowd. The washrooms were next door at the connected Ivor Wynne stadium. The game had ball boys (not past their bedtime?). They had the best program in the league (about the only one that still bothers to print them out since the first month of the season). player roster with goals scored by both teams, up to date standings, last few Hamilton Croatia results and upcoming games, a news blurb about the last few results, two Hamilton Croatia player spotlights with pictures and room for sponsor ads all crammed onto a one two-sided 8.5 by 11 glossy page.

I asked in the press booth if they've played Toronto Croatia yet and what uniforms would they wear as both wear blue socks, white shorts and numbers, and red shirts except for them having different sponsors on their chests. The answer is it depends on who is the home team.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday August 1st, 2010 CSL game between York Region Shooters and Brantford Galaxy played at St Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Vaughan at 6:00pm.

23 min...Galaxy Marsalis Beckford GOAL...YRS Marcelo Capazolo makes bad pass in backfield at 30 yards and Beckford rounds charging goalie Camilo Benzi at 22 yards and from tough angle at 8 yards on right shoots to left side of empty net.

24 min...Shooters Jason DeThomasis GOAL...DeThomasis gets short pass and fires low 20 yard shot from left to right post under diving goalie Ante Domjanovic.

70 min...Galaxy Ranko Golijanin trips up YRS Kadian Lecky when he got a through pass down the middle sent in from 30 yards to him at 20 yards and he cuts around Golijanin at 12 yards on right. Referee Mike Izzo signalled for a Penalty kick.

71 min...Shooters Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky rolls Penalty kick to left corner of net beyond diving goalie.

76 min...Shooters Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky boots 15 yarder to top right corner of net when he gets pass on left from Jason DeThomasis.

91 min...Shooters Nick Cisternino GOAL...YRS Nicolas Martinez sends in high pass from 40 yards down middle and Cisternino with two defenders beside him at 20 yards chips goalie whose 12 yards off line.

96 min...game ends 8:04pm.

Final Score:.......York Region Shooters.........4.............Brantford Galaxy.............1............

Attendance was about 125 on this mild early evening.

Shooters almost broke the tie at 40 minutes when Chris Turner rushed down the middle and tapped the ball to right for Jason DeThomasis who took a 12 yard shot that the goalie stopped with his foot at 8 yards while standing up and Turner took the 20 yard rebound that a defender saved at 2 yards.

Shooters Kadian Lecky entered the game at 62 minutes replacing starting forward Anthony Bahadur who had hit the crossbar from 7 yards just a moment earlier but was otherwise tiring. Within 15 minutes, he'd scored two goals. Shooters continured to dominate and Galaxy had no chance to come back. Shooters goalie Camilo Benzi caught a lot of crosses and cornerkicks in crowd of players in this box.

Referee Michael Izzo had a rough game to officiate but gave out only two Yellow cards to each team. Galaxy Nyema Patric Gerhardt drew one at 31 minutes when he returned to the game without being signalled in after leaving the game two minutes earlier when Anthony Bahadur drew a Yellow card for throwing an elbow on him in the center circle. The Galaxy bench went wild because they said Izzo had signalled Gerhardt back into the game.

Tonight's result vaults the Shooters back into first place because Milltown FC lost their game against TFC Academy on Saturday night. Shooters record is 8-3-3. York now has two tough home games on the next two Sundays. They play Milltown FC on August 8th and Serbian White Eagles (who are passing teams in the standings, only three points behind first place with three games in hand--there were some White Eagles officials in the crowd today). Galaxy stay in sixth place with a 5-4-3 record in the 13 team league.

Rocket Robin


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