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July 18, 2010 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs Cincinnati Kings

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Result of the Sunday July 18, 2010 CSL game between Toronto Lynx and Cincinnati Kings played at the Hershey Centre at 4:00pm.

14 min...Lynx Mikael McNamara GOAL...Jordan Taylor throw-in from right has Chris Broadfoot chest ball down and McNamara takes low 15 yard shot under diving goalie Mike Flynn to right side of net.

58 min...Kings Branden Stelmar GOAL...Stelmar gets ball down middle through defenders on pass from Kings Justin Jenkins and Stelmar one-touches shot from 15 yards over goalie Greg Brooks into left side of net.

Final Score:.............Toronto Lynx.........1...............Cincinnati Kings...............1.................

Attendance was about 80 people on this hot and humid day that wasn't so uncomfortable because of the strong breeze from the west.

The Lynx platooned their goalie for the fourth game in a row. Matthew Silva played the first half; Greg Brooks played the second. This started in the game against Dayton Dutch Lions last Sunday when the two combined for a shutout in a game that the Lions dominated. The change happened (I found out at this game) because Silva asked to come out at halftime because he'd hurt his knee. Goaltending was not a fault for the tie in this game.

The Lynx had the edge of play throughout the game except for a patch from 66 minutes to 78 minutes when it looked like they'd scored a winner.

Mike Flynn was the goalie for the Kings. On their web page it has him listed as age 25 but I was thinking it was his father playing because he looked so 'mature'.

The Kings brought only four subs including a goalie while the Lynx brought in six subs including the goalie. They certainly looked fresher at the end because all these subs took place in the second half but they couldn't score the winning goal. Best chance was when Chris Simm rolled a pass from the right that Jelani Smith in the center missed and Mikael McNamara blasted a 15 yard shot from the left well over the net. Plays like this happened throughout the game with starters

and subs doing the same thing.

Referee Joe Piacente gave out four Yellow cards this game with three going to the Lynx and a slight majority of the foul goals going against them.

This is the last game I will be reporting on the Lynx this year. They have two more home games to finish the season. Wednesday night they play Michigan Bucks and Saturday afternoon they play Kalamazoo. Both these games conflict with MLS Toronto FC games to which I have tickets. The Lynx current record is 4 wins, 9 losses and 1 tie (today's game was their only tie this year). The team is on the upswing going 3-1-1 in the last five games.

Thanks for the goalscorers on both teams for filling me in on who got the assists on each goal.

Rocket Robin


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