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UEFA Champions League Pool!


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UEFA Champions League action is underway - test your soccer knowledge against your fellow Canadian soccer fans!

Winnipeg Lucania Football Club is happy to entertain your picks for round robin play.

In order to enter the (prizeless) contest, please visit our website (http://leaguelineup.com/lucaniafc/), download the Excel worksheet, fill it out accordingly, and email it to us at winnipeglucania@yahoo.ca.

A point will be awarded for each team correctly ranked in their respective pool such that the maximum point each contestant can accumulate will be 32 total points.

Because the playoff round in the Champions League is not predetermined, we will run a separate contest for the playoff round in 2009.

We will announce winners for both the round robin and the playoff round in the Spring of 2009.

We welcome all participants! Please get your picks in prior to Tuesday, September 30th!

Please keep it to one entry per person. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel might be up to the challenge!

Download the Excel file at http://leaguelineup.com/lucaniafc/.

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