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Sask TFC Supporters?

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There's a few Red Patch Boys from Alberta and BC that have made it out to a couple home games and one even made it to Columbus at the start of the season. Not sure about U-Sector or the North End Elite, but it wouldn't surprise me if they had some western members as well.

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Guest speedmonk42

Have you tried the supporters groups forums?

They might either be there, or know people you could contact.

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quote:Originally posted by matthew

Dave> you have a group meeting up in Regina to watch TFC matches? I’ll try to come out if you are. Where are you watching matches?



Indeed we do. Small group of 3 or 4 so far, but we meet at:

The Last Straw

127 Albert St N

We will be there this weekend for the NY Red Bulls, not sure beyond that. We take it week by week. If you want to join us, you're more then welcome.

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