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Canada protests schedule change


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FIFA Women's World Cup

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Canada protests schedule change

The Canadian Soccer Association has sent an official letter of protest to FIFA in regards to the FIFA Women's World Cup China 2007's decision to move match 22 and not match 21. Both games were supposed to start simultaneously on 19 September at 17.00, but match 22 (Norway vs. Ghana) has been moved back one day to avoid the incoming typhoon Wypha that will hit Shanghai. Match 21 (Canada vs. Australia) is still scheduled for 19 September in Chengdu.

FIFA, in consultation with the Local Organizing Committee and the relevant Chinese authorities, moved both match 21 (Norway vs. Ghana) and match 24 (Brasil vs. Danmark) back one day to Thursday 20 September. Both matches are still scheduled for Shanghai. As such, the four teams playing on 20 September will know the result of the other match in their group before they kick off; Canada vs. Australia and PR China vs. New Zealand are still scheduled for 19 September.

Canada must win their final match against Australia to advance to the next round. Their match is currently scheduled for 17.00 at the Chengdu Sports Center on 19 September.

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