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Ryan Gyaki Interview


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I hope the frustration of the none given goal died down now.

On the official Homepage of Hansa Rostock I found an interview with Ryan Gyaki


1. What do you expect

I want to get to know the Bundesliga and I want to play and try to help Hansa as good as I can.

2. Which Canadians do you know from the Bundesliga

It´s of course Paul Stalteri, Owen Hargreaves and Kevin McKenna. All of them his best friend Nik Ledgerwood. It´s my goal to representive my country as good as possible.

3. You made 17 caps in several U teams of your country and scores 4 goals and were second best rookie 2 years ago. Do you have a chance for Olympia 2008

He hopes, but admit that Hansa has higher priority. Playing Bundesliga counts more than playing qualification for Peking 2008

4. You had a try out in March. Which impressions did you have

It was a fantastic time, Coach Pageldorf was very nice and he stayed with team mate Rene Riedlewizc during this time. The people were very open harted, so he knew if Germany then Hansa.

5. You played for Sheffield 5 years, but did not appear very often, what was the reason?

The first 3 years with the youth teams it was ok, but then I had a cruciade rupture which costs me a lot of time. The year in the Premiere League were stamped by a hard struggle for survival and so I had no chance.

6. July 1st the first practice day, what plans do you have until then

the first time I will live in the college, then looking for a flat, a car and a telephone and then practice, practice, practice...he has big plans with Hansa.

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