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Gyaki on loan to Thistle??


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In a recent interview, Neil Warnock hinted that perhaps Ryan could be going on loan to Inverness CT:

Scottish journalists were just as interested in Warnock's thoughts about the state of the game in Scotland and he wasted no time in praising the virtues of being ?over the border'.

He said: "I've always wanted to bring a team to Scotland and I even applied for four jobs up here over the years ? Montrose have always been my team. A few people have seen similarities between Thistle and ourselves regarding our status in the top flight and I can see what they mean.

"Thistle have surprised people by staying up and we are one of the favourites for relegation already so both of us are underdogs who like to bounce back and show people that we are made of sterner stuff.

"We have established a bond by coming here and I have spoken to Thistle manager Charlie Christie about possible player movement. Stephen Quinn and Ryan Gyaki got a taste of action in the friendly and it maybe that players like them could benefit from six months on loan up here."

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