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"Maradona: The Golden Kid" - CBC NW June 13 10pm


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It's soccer doc week on Newsworld!



Tuesday June 13, 2006 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

The rise and fall of one of football's greatest stars-a player whose skill on the playing field is a marvel to watch, even if you're not a big fan.

Maradona, The Golden Kid chronicles the life of Diego Maradona, the Argentinean football phenom once voted 'FIFA's best football player of the century'. Born Oct. 30, 1960 in the poor slums of Buenos Aires, the documentary traces the now legendary journey from his impoverished beginnings to the bright lights and big money of soccer stardom. Nicknamed "El pibe de oro" (the golden boy), Maradona has lived a paradoxical life of unparalleled football accomplishment alongside dubious involvement in sports mafia, drugs and politics, a tumultuous love life, and plenty of money.

Throughout his football career, Maradona was a proven winner. After leading Argentina's youth team to capture the World Cup in 1979, he joined Barcelona and later, Napoli, where he was idolized. The young Maradona went on to play a heroic role in Argentina's 1986 World Cup victory over England, where he was credited with scoring one of the most beautiful goals in football history.

After failing a dope test in 1991, Maradona was banned from the football field. On October 30, 1997, on his 37th birthday, The Golden Boy retired from football forever.

Maradona, the Golden Kid recalls the career of one of football's most talented players whose life still generates media interest. It was directed and written by Paul Saadoun, Benoit Heimermann and Jean-Christophe Rose for Arte France.

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