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Do something good.....Help feed a child


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I belong to a board called Polishsoccer.com and we have a thing set up. If you click on http://polishsoccer.com/pajacyk.php it will take you to a page with a wodden doll. Click on its stomach where it says "Klikij tu" meaning click here. You can only click once a day and 5 groszy wich is equvalent to 1-2 cents is donated to feed underprivlaged kids. It take literay 5 seconds. You dnt have to do it if you dont want to. This site is legit and the money goes directly to the source. Infact many soccer website around Poalnd even the hooligan onces have this link on their sites. SO far the polishsoccer.com website has collected around 35Zl not much but its something. The polishsoccer.com members are also working on a seperate one time fee of 500 zl or $157 to send to them to get our banner on their site but thats a different stoy. SO if you wish to help out just click and click everyday. You may only click onces, but what takes 10 seconds out of your day means a piece of bread for a youngster.

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