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Jaime Peters at Ispwich Town


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Well as we all know, it's great news that Jaime made his debut. Here is what he thought about it...


Here are some comments on the Ispwich Rivals Board...

MJH_ Posted on 6/8 22:54 Email this Message | Reply



Has any Ipswich player every been as hyped as him before he has even kicked a ball for us?

Some feckin bizarre refing decisions today.

Warkystache Posted on 6/8 23:02 Email this Message | Reply

re: Peters


The oompah loompah?

I thought he was gonna do some ball juggling for McDonalds vouchers. Then he took off down the wing like a young Finidi George against Derby, took 2-3 on and the ref decided he was just showing off and brought his youthful showboating to an end.

Looking Gooooooooooooooooooooood

strangemartian Posted on 6/8 23:07 Email this Message | Reply

re: Yes, but


was absolute class. may have uncovered a gem.

Also there are other messages about Peters starting next game, to against a left-back named Santos. Some fans replied saying, "Santos would get skinned everytime". Sounds like fans are loving Peters already.

NOTE: A fan said they spoke to deVos after the game and he thinks he cracked his ribs.

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