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TGJM Fairwell Tour - Inside Soccer

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The CSA is holding their Annual General Meeting in Regina, with activities occurring May 11th to 15th. If you can't make it to Regina join the debate at Inside Soccer on May 14 and have your say.

The Tail Gunner is going out with a bang. Ol' Joe will be a guest on Inside Soccer http://www.worldtalkradio.com/show.asp?sid=26 on Saturday, May 14/2005 at 3:20 Pacific Time for a 40 minute? segment on the stadium, Canadian soccer negativity and anything else you would like to get off your chest. CSA mouth frothers this is your chance. Call toll-free and make yourself heard.

Inside Soccer

Saturday 2pm to 6pm Pacific Time

Toll Free: 888-514-2100

Email Show Host mega6085@aol.com

I know nobody cares but just to make it clear for the record, I was contacted about this days ago. It has nothing to do with my "retirement" I just can't keep spending the amounts of time I have here for the past 7 years. Negativity and trolls haven't driven me away, I've dealt with them for the 7 years. It's just lost some of it's luster and for me became too much of an addiction. As I always say it's time to get out of the basement.

I'll still lurk occasionally and keep current (the old newshound in me can't stop that) just nowhere near as often and not be posting. (I know some of you won't miss that)

Still have to find someone for the MOACA.

Job description

Ability to spell player's names (Hard to google player when name is spelled wrong)

When hearing of rumour be able to track down and confirm said rumour with up-to-date link/website evidence

Keep lists up to date so that anywhere, anytime the list is updated and easily accessible.

Confirm, confirm, confirm

Beg people to post links, so you can confirm, confirm, confirm

Remind the forum every now and then of unknown whereabouts of players but not too often to be a pain

Post and update on five different websites

Forgot to mention if somebody could take over the Canadians on Inside Soccer thread that would be great too.

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