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NCAA Strikers Return to Sudbury Canadians


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Sudbury Canadians welcome back their two top strikers. The Canadians are happy to announce the return of Megan Schutt and Lauren Podolski. Lauren and Megan have been part of the Sudbury Canadians organization since the club started operations in 1997. They were part of the first OYSL team to emerge from Northern Ontario and the duo lead the OYSL in scoring in 2002. But, their scoring prowess did not end there, as both players went on to NCAA Division One schools to continue to dominate in the scoring department for their respective American schools.

In 2004, Megan won the prestigious NCAA Division One, Atlanta Ten Conferences “Freshman of the Year” award. This year, Lauren followed up at Indiana State with the Missouri Conference “Freshman of the Year” award. Both were recognized for their scoring ability.

Head Coach Frank Malvaso. “These two can put the ball in the net and their work ethic is exemplary. Last year, in the W League, we did not have a problem getting scoring chances and these two strikers were able to convert when the opportunity was present. There is no doubt, that as a team we need to focus on defending, but when it comes to offence, we are well positioned for the future. Both players have now gained some valuable experience in the NCAA and we can anticipate even more improvements.” The Sudbury Canadians remain one of the youngest teams in the W League.

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