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Fury Pdl schedule


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May 28)vs Westchester 6:00

Jun 04)at Rhode Island 7:30

Jun 05)at Cape Cod 4:00

Jun 11)vs Albany 3:30

Jun 15)vs Vermont 6:00

Jun 18)at Vermont 7:30

Jun 19)at Albany 4:00

Jun 26)vs Brooklyn 2:00

Jul 02)at Reading 7:30

Jul 03)at Ocean City 7:30

Jul 09)vs Reading 6:00

Jul 10)vs Ocean City 2:00

Jul 14)at Westchester 5:30

Jul 15)at Brooklyn 2:00

Jul 23)vs Rhode Island 6:00

Jul 24)vs Cape Cod 4:30

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Are you calling James and Dom old? I prefer to refer to them as "seasoned and experienced assets"! I'd like to think that any team needs such players, and that the Fury would greatly benefit from their contributions. The Royals can, however, probably breathe a sigh of relief, as the lure of a National title may be too great for them to ignore...

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quote:Originally posted by jay2008

I would not rule any players out ye.Those two could be offered asst coach roles as well as playing.

Considering Dom is the Royals team captain and had a huge hand in putting the current team together, I highly doubt he would have anything to do with the fury pdl team.

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quote:Originally posted by jay2008

Teams are allowed 5 over agers.

First off the fury already have a coach in Colin McCurdy (with Samir being his asst) Second, PDL allows for 8 overagers. However, the fury apperently only want to sign 6.

Word on the street is that they have already lined up the players they want to use as over-agers. I don't beleive any Royals will be making the move.


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