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Tynecastle is saved......maybe


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Vladimir Romanov has taken control of Hearts. He had called an emergency meeting at one point to cancel the sale of Tynecastle and put the kybosh to the move to Murryfield. Sergejus Fedotovas takes over as Chief Executive.

Heart of Midlothian have been the top Scottish club the last couple of years (how can you count Gers & Hoops, you know they'll be 1st or 2nd. So let's start with 3 [}:)]).

The Lithuanian business man has a plan to make Tynecastle get the necessary FIFA license . The field is too short but the width is over the FIFA rules . So he had some plan to reconfigue. Light standards were the reason the last board said reconfiguring wouldn't work. So they went ahead and made a deal with a housing devolper.

BBC Hearts story link

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