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My trip to Exeter


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Whenever Exeter forced United to a Replay in the Cup, I decided to book a Flight to Exeter to see how the Town prepared for the trip. I booked a Hotel which, low and behold, was where the United team were staying. It was owned by 1992 F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell, and has a massive Golf Course. When I checked in, I saw Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney. Then at 5:30 I saw Fergie with the Exeter City Mascots having their pictures taken for the Local Papers. Also saw BBC Pundit Mark Lawrenceson at the Hotel. I hadn't a ticket :(, so I decided to go to a Bar that would show the game. The Bar I went to was called Walkabout, an Australian theme Bar. The main chant sung there was, "Sean Devine, Devine! He wears Number 10 or 9! He scores all the f**kin time! Sean Divine Devine!". There was a massive cheer when Scott Hiley (ex-Man City and Birmingham Right Back) nutmegged Christiano Ronaldo. But the Biggest Cheer was when Sean Divine had the ball in the Net, but it all dies down when the Linesman's Raised Flag was shown. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. There was no Bunting in the town, but the Radio Station, which I heard in the Taxi, was Hyping up the Match.

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