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Ligue 1 returns


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Just a heads up to all Championnant fans.

Wednesday at 3pm EST tv5 has 8th place Sochaux vs 1st place Olympique Lyonnais. 12 points seperating the two.

I must say after 2 or three weeks of nothing but English soccer (okay I watched the Madrid Derby) this will be a welcome game.

And yes I have 2 of the 3 FA cup games on tape as I didn't have a chance to watch them live........Damn I need a life or a new hobby ;)


I see according to soccertv.com that FSWC is showing the same game at the same time. Oh well I like the tv5 coverage better anyways very professional. Even if I'm not really billingual(unless you want to count spoken Moncton street French as what little education I have is in Canadian English) and I doubt if I could convince TV5 to use Chiac speaking Acadians to do the play by play. Le langue de Nouveau Brunwickois is somehow not the same as TV5 commentators [:I] Kinda like listening to EPL games with British commentators not North American.

Oh yeah Chiac is now the proper term for what at one time we refered to as Franglais. But apparently Chiac is now politicaly correct.......TABERNAC MON GOD LÁ.....WORRY PAS LÁ.....DEUX PIÈCES POUR UNE COFFEE WHOLLY FOUQUE LÁ

Better examples of Chiac

In Englsh?

From the newpaper L'Etoile

Je suis Acadien

Acadian French

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