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Stalteri for qualifiers?

Guest Dave

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Well, no word yet from the CSA, despite the FIFA decision being scheduled for last week, and our players travelling today. I guess we can probably assume FIFA said "nyet". Rather sad that the CSA couldn't be bothered to update us on this, but then I guess that's in line with my expectations of that organization.

<Sarcasm On> Hey, here's a thought: maybe the CSA never actually bothered to file the appeal. Sharp might have asked for it to be done, but then when it got to Pipe's desk he decided it was in the best interest of Canadian soccer to save on Stalteri's plane ticket (and of course the cost of paper, ink, and postage to file the appeal). Alternatively, maybe Pipe STARTED to write the letter, but had to take the rest of the week off due to a bad case of writer's cramp...

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