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I'm pretty bored, so I just wanted to ask your opinions of on a CONCACAF Dream Team, who'd be your selections? Who would make it from Canada?

GK: Tim Howard (USA)

LB: Ante Jazic (Canada)

CB: Carlos Bocanegra (USA)

CB: Jason DeVos (Canada)

RB: Rafael Marquez (Mexico)

LM: DaMarcus Beasley (USA)

CM: Julio Leon (Honduras)

CM: Julian DeGuzman (Canada)

RM: Claudio Reyna (USA)

LF: Carlos Ruiz (Guatemala)

RF: David Suazo (Honduras)


ST: Tomasz Radzinski (Canada)

ST: Jared Borgetti (Mexico)

ST: Amado Guevara (Honduras)

MD: Adolfo Bautista (Mexico)

MD: Landon Donovan (USA)

D: Luis Marin (Costa Rica)

D: Gerardo Torrado (Mexico)

GK: Kasey Keller (USA)

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Carlos Ruiz? The guy is ok but not even close to being the best CONCACAF forward...eventhough Wahchope is past his prime I would still rather have him than Ruiz. Plus, there is always Chuatemoc Blanco from Mexico, i hate to say it cause he is such a loser but he always comes through when he is needed and pumps up his team if they are down. Mexico is a different team when they are with him...

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Although he is injured, I'd take O'Brien - and G. Martinez - over Jazic and Beasley on the left, not a chance DeVos goes ahead of Marquez at CB and I'd have Stalteri at Right back. I'd start Donovan somewhere as well because he seems to raise his game in internationals. Guevera as well. Radz and Suazo as my forwards.

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