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Any Liverpool and Arsenal fans?


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AVEEGO EPL Super Manager League Invitation

Just found a very interesting EPL manager game. I bet you will like it too!

I have joined the AVEEGO EPL Super Manager League. I hope you will join and we can discuss together!

Arsenal Fans pls join this:


Liverpool Fans pls join this:


Other fans pls join this:


You can find the game rules at this web site. It should be piece of cakes for you. Wish you be the final champion!


Don't worry! This game is absolutely FREE!

Here is the feature of this game which attracts me much!

Bid For Players:

Unlike other fantasy football games, the players in your league are UNIQUE. If you sucessfully accquired Henry, no other teams in your league can get him.

You CANNOT SELL or RELEASE any acquired player. The player will return to the market as a free agent when his contract ran out.

My Team in professional realm: http://www.aveego.com/professional/teamviewermain.php?teamid=1291〈=en

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