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CPSL games Friday July 16

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Tonight, Friday July 16 is a big night in the CPSL. There are three games going on;

First, this is going to be one of if not the best game of the year in the CPSL. The two power houses from the West and East come and play. These two teams are not first in the east and west this year (yet) but they did finish first last year. If you want to see a CPSL game, see this game. Anyone free tonight, you just got yourself a date.

Toronto Supra (3E) vs Hamilton Thunder (4W)

Fri. Jul 16 8:30 pm:

Centennial Stadium

Game to go to

-anyone who does go to this game, can you please tell me how many fans showed up? hopefully more then one person goes so I have more then 1 guess. I'm going to collect CPSL attendance and show them all on a graph/chart at season end. Whos planning on going?

Second, This game is going to be a scoring fest for the Lions. They have the most goals for and teh Storms have the most goals agaisnt. If your a Lions fan, get ready to cheer because your going to be doing alot of that.

Durham Storm (5E) vs Metro Lions (1E)

Fri. Jul 16 8:30 pm:

Oshawa Civic Stadium

-anyone going can you please give me the attendance

This will be another close game. It will be low scoring game but a good one indeed. Dont no much but these two teams though.

London City (3W) vs Toronto Croatia (5W)

Fri. Jul 16 8:38 pm:

Cove Road Field

-anyone going can you please give me the attendance

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Toronto Supra 2 - Hamilton Thunder 1

Toronto Supra continue to look impressive following their 2-1 victory over Hamilton Thunder at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke to maintain Supra’s record as the only CPSL team unbeaten in the current league campaign. Supra have lost just two games since September 2002. Both were near the end of the 2003 season.

Michael Diluca opened the scoring for Toronto Supra at the 9th minute mark, his sixth of the season, and Fabio Silva made it 2-0 at 16 minutes, the half-time score. Kevin Nelson struck for Hamilton at the 48th minute mark and while both teams had opportunities to score, Supra held on for the 2-1 win.

Toronto Supra now have a 5-0-2 record for 17 points in second position in the east, while Thunder are at 2-3-1 for 7 points.

Durham Storm 0 - Metro Lions 6

Metro Lions continued on their winning way with a resounding 6-0 defeat of Durham Storm in one of three gamed played in the Canadian Professional Soccer League Friday.

The victory, at the Civic Stadium in Oshawa, gives the Lions a 7-game winning streak in league and open Canada Cup competition since June 8 and maintains the Scarborough-based team’s position on top of the Eastern Conference. It is the second 6-0 loss for Durham Storm following a similar loss against Border Stars on July 10 and it’s the Durham Region team’s eighth loss in as many games in league competition.

Hayden Fitzwilliams scored twice for Metro Lions in the 6-0 win, at 6 and 19 minutes after Lions’ forward Craig Patton opened the scoring five minutes after the kickoff, his fifth goal of the season.

The 3-0 half-time score was increased to 4-0 by Aaron Benjamin at 52 minutes, Caswain Mason made it 5-0 at the 68th minute mark and Justin Phillips at 85 minutes completed the scoring for a 6-0 final.

Metro Lions improve to a 6-1-1 WLT record for 19 points.

London City 2- Toronto Croatia 2

In the third game played Friday, London City were held to a 2-2 tie by Toronto Croatia at Cove Road, London in a mid-table battle to make progress in the Western Conference.

Midfielder Attila Salamon scored the tying goal for London City at the 90th minute mark in the 2-2 deadlock in a hard-fought game at Cove Road that started with a goal by London’s Paul Munster, his 7th of the season after just three minutes.

Toronto Croatia forwards Leo Laurito and Edin Kalic scored at 66 minutes and 75 minutes respectively, in a game that saw City defender Marco Peeters ejected at the 57th minute mark.

London City improve to a 3-2-1 record for 10 points in third position in the west, while Croatia are fourth in the standings with eight points.

All of the games the Thunder have lost have been really close, they have to stop letting them slip away. Man there's another 6-0 lost the Storms have gottenin the past week. the Lions are really a good team, they could go far this year. But it really doesnt say that much beating up the the Storms. The london vs. Croatia game sound pretty exicting, even more so in the second half. Did anyone go to any of the three games??

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