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Our new Norwegian representatives

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Fellow Voyageurs, allow me to introduce our new Norwegian representatives Taurus and Arsenalno1. Both these individuals normally post messages on the international soccer forum (http://forum.bettingadvice.com//viewforum.php?f=23). They will be joining us soon with their views on Norwegian football, and giving us major updates on our Canadian boys playing in Norway.

Here's the latest news from Taurus:

Hi Luis. I'll try to visit your forum sometime, if I have time to it. However, Occean is playing very good and score many goals for Odd Grenland (He was suspended last match though). Reda is one of the key-players in Sogndal I think, but if I'm not completely wrong he is injured right now, or at least has been. It will be interesting to follow Bernier in Tromsø, he was good for Moss. Also Rob Friend is a very important player for Moss and scores some goals. Kojic is one of the most important player for Haugesund. Haugesund struggles abit at the moment, but they have been troubled with injuries.

Here's the latest from Arsenalno1:

Hi friend!

I'll try to visit your forum whenever I can.

As for Canadian players, I must say I am impressed with every single one of them and think they have a very good attitude in general.

Patrice Bernier will move to my city - Tromsø - and play for the current leagueleaders. Hopefully, he'll make his debut on 25th of July in Tromsø's homematch against HamKam. It will be exciting to follow the progress of this great attacking midfielder who's really shone in Division 1.

I think there's a Canadian at Division 2's Tollnes as well, but I am not sure.

All the best,


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quote:Originally posted by Current Champ


Welcome guys!

I ****ing love Norway!

I am pretty happy that these guys are coming on-board here at Voyageur. I read their stuff on the other forum, and they are pretty knowledgeable on the Norwegian leagues. This board will surely benefit from their assistance.
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