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Andy Sharpe please answer this question?


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The next point is is there a rule?It should be investigated.

If there is a rule it shold be reviewed or removed

IF the CSA wants a cut lets determine the cut and publicly annnounce it so the public can follow the money trail and entrepreneurs know the terms.This has been the point some entrepreneurs have stated that they have been asked by the CSA to pay huge amounts of money to stage an invent in Canada by the CSA.The proof is in the pudding there have been no events why not? They obviosly make top dollar and entrepreneurs want to make top dollar so why has no one staged one ?Thats what Alphy from ISM asked either the CSA demands money or cites this "rule" which is it?

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Sorry I edited out the actual question

Is there a rule in the CSA anywhere that states anything like no one can have a match in Canada unless:

A:They give a certain amount of the gate to the CSA

b:The game must have a Canadian team or club

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