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Sudbury Canadians Include NTC Players


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March 21, 2004 by sudcan

The Sudbury Canadians are pleased to announce the inclusion of two National Training Center (NTC) players, Erica Duczeminski and Thalia Playford who will be part of a “rookie crew” preparing for the Sudbury USL W League team.

Erica and Thalia have been with the Sudbury Canadians from their first year of competitive soccer and now along with some other Sudbury Canadians U17 players, the group, who have been training with the USL team will have an opportunity to experience playing against some of the best players in the world.

Frank Malvaso: Club Head Coach

“This rookie crew will be brought in from time to time for two purposes. One, to assist them with their University scholarships, as many of the American scouts want to see them in action and secondly to prepare them for the future in the W League.

We have an excellent crew of U17 players and the vast majority of them will graduate to the NCAA. This, in combination with their W League experience will elevate their game more quickly and will help us build for the future.”



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