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Updated Ireland squad


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A while ago I posted up the Ireland squad for the match with Canada, well since then there's been some injuries. Finnan (Liverpool) O'Brien (Newcastle) Breen (Sunderland) Healy (Sunderland) are all out, Dunne (Manchester City) and Thompson (Nottingham Forest) have been called up as replacements.

Liam Miller (Celtic) is a major injury doubt and may or may not play.

So the squad is now this...

Given (Newcastle United), Murphy (West Bromwich Albion), Colgan (Stockport County), O'Shea (Manchester United), Carr (Tottenham Hotspur), Cunningham (Birmingham City), Thompson (Nottingham Forest), Dunne (Manchester City), Harte (Leeds United), Reid (Blackburn Rovers), Holland (Charlton Athletic), Miller (Celtic), Delap (Southampton), Kavanagh (Cardiff City), McPhail (Leeds), Kilbane (Everton), Reid (Nottingham Forest), Duff (Chelsea), Doherty (Tottenham Hotspur), Keane (Tottenham Hotspur), Morrison (Birmingham City).

Going by the hints from the manager this is the probably starting 11, presumeing Miller is not fit...

Gk - Given (Newcastle) - No indication he will be rested though he could be.

Dl - O'Shea (Manchester United) - As Finnan is out, he'll be the man here. Can't see Harte playing even if its a friendly.

Dr - Carr (Tottenham)

Dc - Cunningham (Birmingham)

Dc - Dunne (Manchester City) OR Thompson (Nottingham Forest) - Depends which one he fancies, Thompson has no caps.

Ml - Duff (Chelsea) - Expect Andy Reid to make his debut at some point.

Mr - Reid (Blackburn) - Steven Reid, not Andy

Mc - Kavanagh (Cardif) - Hasn't been capped in years, now doing well in the first division Kerr has confirmed he will start. Holland will is probably going to be rested.

Mc - Delap (Southampton) - Expect McPhail of Leeds to come on at some point.

Fc - Keane (Tottenham)

fc - Morrison (Birmingham)

If Miller is fit, he will likely win his first cap starting in central mid field.

So it's a mix between experimenting with a few of the first choice players aswell.

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Jayo -- it's a pretty good squad. I hope Miller sees some action. And how is Holland going to score the first Irish goal, as I've predicted, if he's not on the pitch??

I enjoy the pluck and spirit of the Irish squad. Some see them as underachievers, but for a country of fewer than 4 million (less than our province of British Columbia), they've achieved a far amount. Sometimes you've got to be good to have people expect too much.

I look forward to seeing the game Tuesday (on live across Canada; 11:30 am here on the west coast), and maybe hearing a few choruses of Fields of Athenry. I expect us to put up a better effort than Saturday v the Czechs. Good luck to you.

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