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World Perpetual Football Championship on the line!


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I also think this is cool. Lots of fun trivia. Like, isn't it amazing that the title was once held by Netherlands Antilles?

There is a mirror of the basic stats at RSSSF, but they call it the Unofficial World Championship (they also have a women's version, which Canada claimed when we beat China on PKs on June 7, 2000, defended against Japan and Mexico, then lost to China on June 26, 19 days after claiming it).

But RSSSF goes even further. These don't involve Canada, but there's Nasazzi's Baton (what a cool name!), which counts only those matches regarded as full internationals by FIFA and counts extra time but not PKs, and there's the Virtual World Championship (needs a better name), which is like Nasazzi's Baton but doesn't count friendlies and doesn't count extra time nor PKs (the link includes a women's version). Then there's the Triple Crown which, as the name implies, is awarded when a team holds the Perpetual/Unofficial World Championship, Nasazzi's Baton and the Virtual World Championship at the same time.

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