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Radzinski`s Consistency Theory!!!


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It`s not much of a theory, but Radzinski in the premiership averages a goal every 3.15 games (63games-20goals). His longest drought in the EPL last year was 5 games (between weeks 1-7).

It seems that Radz scores almost every 3games, which means that he`s incredibly consistent, because other fowards can have the same average but have longer droughts and when they score they get 2 or 3 in the same game. This season after the first 3 games the Rad man scored 1 goal (week 1 v Ars), then the following 3 games he scored his second (week 5) after a 3 game drought, so far 2 goals in 6 games. And now he hasn`t scored in the last 2 games, which means that he`ll definitely score on week 9 against Soton at Goodison Park bringing his total to 3 in 9 games (3gpg). Or maybe if he doesn`t score, then you can be 100% sure that against Villa he`ll be on the score sheet.

Hopefully he can give all Canadians something to be cheerful about if he nets one against Finland in a few minutes from now in his 9th official game since the start of the EPL season responding to his unique consistency!!!!

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