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North American Soccer League, R.I.P.


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I collect videotapes of the North American Soccer League

(NASL). I now have almost 200 matches on tape, including

the greatest match in NASL history, the 1979 Whitecaps -

Cosmos Semifinal.

Does anyone have tapes to trade? I will trade for any

NASL match I don't have. My list is at www.DaveBrett.com

Here are my tapes for the years 1975-1979...

1975 Dallas Tornado at Cosmos - Pele's First Match for NY!

1975 Cosmos at Boston Minutemen - Pele was injured

1975 Sounders at Timbers - Playoffs; fans storm the pitch in overtime

1976 Cosmos at Minnesota Kicks - 50,000 turn out for Pele

1976 Cosmos at Rowdies - Tampa crushes New York 5-1

1976 Sounders at St. Louis Stars - Geoff Hurst's NASL debut

1977 Tornado at LA Aztecs - Great 4-3 game (George Best)

1977 Cosmos at Rowdies - Beckenbauer's first NASL game

1977 Playoffs: Sounders at Kicks - Seattle's Cinderella season

1977 SOCCER BOWL: Cosmos v Sounders - Pele's last championship!

1977 Cosmos v Santos (Brazil) - Pele's farewell match

- - - 1978 Regular Season Games - - -

Cosmos at Bayern Munich - Friendly in Germany

Strikers at Cosmos - Gordon Banks lets in 7 goals!

California Surf at Cosmos - Steve Hunt scores twice

Strikers at Washington Diplomats - Dips win 4-1

Oakland Stompers at Strikers - Oakland gets stomped


Lancers at Fury - Rochester wins 3-0

Lancers at Sockers - San Diego's first home game

Lancers at Kicks - Minnesota wins 4-2

Lancers at Cosmos - One of Giorgio's best games

Lancers at Tea Men - New England falls in overtime

Sting at Rowdies - Chicago wins 3-2 on late goal

Sting at Strikers - Chicago wins 4-3 on late goal

Sting at Rogues - Memphis wins the shootout


Rowdies at Cosmos - Preview of Soccer Bowl 78

San Diego Sockers at Express - Detroit wins 2-0

Aztecs at Earthquakes - missing first 10 minutes

Playoff: Express at Strikers - Incredible shootout!

Playoff: Rowdies at Strikers - George Best plays

SOCCER BOWL: Cosmos vs Rowdies - from New Jersey

- - - - - 1979 Regular Season Games - - - -

Cosmos at Rowdies - Rematch of 78 Soccer Bowl

Cosmos at Lancers - Mark Liveric hat-trick

Cosmos at Whitecaps - Vancouver crushes NY 4-1

Tea Men at Cosmos - Ricky Davis's first NASL goal

Strikers at Cosmos - Marinho hat trick; 70,000 fans

Timbers at Sounders - Derek Smethurst hat trick

Sting at Express - Wild 6-5 overtime game on ABC

Sting at Kicks - Disputed "Eight Second Shootout"


Strikers at Kicks - All five goals on goalkeepers' errors

Atlanta Chiefs at Kicks - Alan Willey scores early, often

Chiefs at NE Tea Men - Winning goal in closing seconds!

Lancers at Phil. Fury - David Robb hat-trick

Lancers at Sounders - Seattle beats Rochester 4-1

Lancers at Roughnecks - Tulsa wins 5-2

Lancers at Whitecaps - Carl Valentine in overtime!

Lancers at Cosmos - Cosmos win 5-2

Lancers at Tornado - Wolfgang Rausch game-winner


Aztecs at Diplomats - ABC Game of the Week (Cruyff)

Sounders at Aztecs - Cruyff scores two great goals

Rowdies at Aztecs - L.A.'s "Dutch Connection"

Cosmos at Aztecs - Missing first 30 minutes

Sockers at Fury - San Diego beats Philadelphia 3-1

Sounders at Sockers - Ryan, Cave score for Seattle

Whitecaps at Kicks - ABC Game of the Week

Whitecaps at Sounders - Alan Ball scores the game winner

1979 Semifinal Whitecaps at Cosmos - I consider this

the greatest match in NASL history. The tape includes the

game, the overtime, the shootout following the first game,

the mini game, & the shootout following the mini game.

1979 Friendly: Argentina at Cosmos - Maradona

1979 Playoffs: Sting at Strikers - Granitza game winner

1979 SOCCER BOWL: Whitecaps v Rowdies

Email: DaveBrett@msn.com

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