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If the CPSL gets up to 20 or more teams.......

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I was reading on the CPSL board that they are reviewing applications by 10 teams(not all will get in next year of course) to get into the League. There should still be screening of franchises to ensure they have proper stadiums(are you listening Mississauga Olympians and Laval Dynamites??)and are financially sound.

That said I was thinking that if the CPSL were to get up to 20 teams in Ontario and Quebec it could be time to split up the CPSL into two divisions :

Premier Division ;

Eastern Conference

8 to 10 teams

cover Ontario and Quebec or Ontario and East(Quebec and Maritimes)

Division 1

Central Division = Ontario 6 to 8 teams

Eastern Division = Quebec/Maritimes at 6 to 6 to 8 teams

There would be promotion and relegation with one club up, one club down.

I open the board up to debate.


PS I have not worked out the configuratiuon for the West ;)))

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I am willing to put my money that the 3 major cities coming-in certainly next year are Kingston, Windsor, and the Latin Selects of Montreal. I'm also not discounting U.S. clubs from the Wester New-York or better known as Up-State New York region. Time-and time again, American clubs from that area of the state have expressed major interest in joining the CPSL.

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I doubt that Windsor will get a team for next year. They simply have no good playing pitches there. The best is probably Windsor Stadium but the AKO Fratmen football team play there along with a few other soccer leagues. So it gets abussed a lot.

Also I know for a fact no one has stepped up for funding in Windsor. I doubt the city would help out much as the mayor has his head barried in the baseball fields he never seems to stop opening.

I have heard though that Detroit is interested in a team and may team up to hold a few games in Windsor and a few in Detroit.

Windsor does have a lot of fan support from the Italian community and the other communities around. They also have a few soccer fans running some big money making businesses. Which if approached properly might give in to help support.

Being from Windsor originally and jus trecently moving to London to play it would be nice to see them get a team. But who would coach them is also a big question mark.

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