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San Jose vs. Dallas (R)


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The chatter at Bigsoccer suggests that Pat had a solid game.

San Jose Earthquakes (5-2-2) vs. Dallas Burn (1-4-3)

June 14, 2003 -- Dragon Stadium

Goals by Period 1 2 Tot

San Jose Earthquakes 0 2 2

Dallas Burn 1 0 1

Scoring Summary:

DAL -- Jason Kreis 5 (Chris Gbandi 1, Oscar Pareja 1) 25

SJ -- Brian Mullan 3 (Todd Dunivant 1, Arturo Alvarez 1) 49

SJ -- Arturo Alvarez 1 (Brian Mullan 1, Ian Russell 1) 87

San Jose Earthquakes -- Pat Onstad, Chris Roner, Jeff Agoos, Craig Waibel, Todd Dunivant, Ian Russell, Ramiro Corrales (Ronnie Ekelund 74), Richard Mulrooney, Arturo Alvarez, Manny Lagos (Jamil Walker 84), Brian Mullan.

Substitutes Not Used: Jon Conway, Johanes Maliza.

TOTAL SHOTS: 13 (Manny Lagos 4); SHOTS ON GOAL: 4 (4 tied with 1); FOULS: 13 (Arturo Alvarez 3); OFFSIDES: 3 (3 tied with 1); CORNER KICKS: 6 (Richard Mulrooney 5); SAVES: 2 (Pat Onstad 2)

Dallas Burn -- D.J. Countess, Ryan Suarez, Tenywa Bonseu, Steve Morrow (Edward Johnson 89), Chris Gbandi, Joselito Vaca (Antonio Martinez 64), Chad Deering, Oscar Pareja (Ronald Cerritos 83), Brad Davis, Jason Kreis, Bobby Rhine.

Substitutes Not Used: Matt Behncke, Paul Broome, Jeff Cassar, Philip Salyer, Jordan Stone, Shavar Thomas.

TOTAL SHOTS: 14 (Jason Kreis 4); SHOTS ON GOAL: 3 (Bobby Rhine 2); FOULS: 14 (Ryan Suarez 3, Joselito Vaca 3); OFFSIDES: 4 (Ryan Suarez 2); CORNER KICKS: 6 (Brad Davis 6); SAVES: 2 (D.J. Countess 2)

Misconduct Summary:

SJ -- Ian Russell (caution; Pushing, Holding) 63

SJ -- Manny Lagos (caution; Game Disrepute) 82

SJ -- Arturo Alvarez (caution; Pushing, Holding) 85

"A pretty move, for the love of God."

Eduardo Galeano

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On the subject of MLS, did anyone else catch the Chicago-MetroStars game today? Can anyone explain why the Chicago keeper stayed on the pitch after grabbing a MS player by the face and throwing him into the goal netting? In any other league, surely that would have warranted a red card.

The most amusing thing was the stupid announcer, saying "I don't know what he said or did for the keeper to react like that", like it was the player's fault. What a crock. Normally I don't mind the MLS announcers but that was beyond the pale.

So anyhow, I'm going to go downtown and grab someone by the face, and throw them into a wall. Obviously it will get me a stern warning from a policeman, at best.

Allez les Rouges,


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I think that's the guy. Zach Thornton. He's the one who's a violent maniac, right? That's him.

The guy he assaulted is an Argentine player on loan from (I think they said) Boca Juniors. Another dumb comment from the announcer was to the effect that the guy "is new to the MLS and probably doesn't know who Zach Thornton is. Well, he knows now." Guffaw, guffaw. Back in high school I might've laughed.

Allez les Rouges,


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I think that if Steve Morrow gets a move back to an English side he might have a good chance of a Northern Ireland recall. He could fit in well with Aaron Hughes at Centre Back and could provide valuable experience for the younger players. On a Canadian note, it's nice to see Onstad with a decent side. :)

You don't win friends with salad!

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