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  2. Emphasis on the word "use". Ironically, on the Algerian board they are not welcoming him with open arms. They can't square that he said "my heart is with Algeria", but "it was a tough decision ". They already smell BS.
  3. The other guy that was pulled early with him last week started today. I think Kone was in bench cause he got pissed and walked down the tunnel after the sub.
  4. Saw most of game today. He's really doing good on that left side. Today saw nice link ups too and what is great is that he's constantly thinking positive and probing opposing defenses. He's cutting to the inside when possible, but when it's not there he's trying more and more with his left foot.
  5. Yeah that's the case I think. I will watch the Arsenal game in Champion's league; that gap is probably huge for Porto.
  6. Any comments from friends who follow Portuguese league? Reading some of the comments online (I know not always best source), seems that he's not having a good moment and seems like fans have turned on him and a couple of other players. What I'm hearing is that all he keeps doing is passing ball backwards. Don't want to rely only on what I read on comment sections, so wondering if he's really regressed or not.
  7. On bench again for their cup game. Given the emotionally unstable nature that being a CANMNT requires us to be, why haven't we pressed the panic button yet?
  8. Insult to injury, Tuchel made him take off his warm up kit and ready to sub in at 90+3 just to replace a potential injury. The player didn't want to be subbed and Davies had to sit back down. At least he never loses his spirit nor starts sulking; he's always all smiles.
  9. He can't miss chances like that.
  10. It's good to hear hes not as bas as some of the comments. One of the analysts mentioned that what could limit his ability to play freely is the fact that the defenders have been so bad. As a left back if you have no confidence in your CBs, it impacts how free you are to make those runs forward.
  11. I acknowledge I haven't seen too many games of Bayern, so im going based on this: starting at 17:40 they have a 2 minute chat about him.
  12. That's it. Let's see how this plays out but it's a circus there right now...on the podcast I was listening to, Davies was item #10 more or less on the list of problems at Bayern in terms of culture. Kimmich also seems to be fighting with management.
  13. Yeah was also listening to one of the ESPN podcasts, and neutral observers noticed the same thing. His performances have really been underwhelming; could be because of the speculations or could be in-line with the club struggles too.
  14. https://canadiansoccerdaily.com/2024/01/17/tenerife-season-ticket-holder-writes-letter-to-cyle-larin-to-thank-him-after-canadians-winning-goal-for-real-mallorca/
  15. Is this the payback for that? The coach seems like someone who is a hard ass, and probably doesn't stand for public undermining of his decisions.
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