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  1. All I said was he should be a candidate. That’s when people freaked out, pinning the same old rumours on him that disqualifies him for some reason. Still waiting for someone to prove their opinions right.
  2. I’m not saying they have to. They will run a search and see who they feel fits best going forward.
  3. He worked for the team and also worked on TSN 1200 doing a soccer show and did the games on the radio ( both CC and calling ). Again he seems to be offering his opinion here; don’t see him attaching it to JDG.
  4. My point is if the new club wants to hire him he’s more than qualified. But a couple Internet fan boys are attributing quotes to JDG that in their opinion disqualifies him from any coaching position. Let it go, there’s no real proof he said anything negative about the CPL.
  5. Was he not a former employee at that point? And aren’t those his quotes, and not JDG?
  6. So some random poster on a CPL forum claims he said this. I don’t see direct quotes. Whether he said it or not, move on. Only thing that matters is he cares about the growth of the game in Canada and can bring more to the table than most.
  7. https://northerntribune.ca/de-guzman-on-canadian-premier-league/ https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/soccer/is-ottawas-pro-soccer-future-with-the-canadian-premier-league I’ve seen reports on twitter from people who’ve made the claim he’s ripped the CPL, and maybe he has, but I’ve not seen them from a reputable source.
  8. Anything I’ve heard has been him saying it wasn’t the right move for the Fury, and wishes the league all the best. The rumours of him trashing the league seem to have come from league mouthpieces who had an agenda. Are there any direct quotes from JDG? I haven’t seen them.
  9. If someone had the feathers ruffled over something he may have said, tough sh!t. Move on. Only concern is what’s best for the development of the game and Canadian players.
  10. Anyone who is opposed to JDG being part of soccer in this country doesn’t know what they are talking about. He is exactly what this country needs more of.
  11. Really hope JDG is involved with the new team. Canadian soccer needs him involved; he cares about the growth of the game in this country. He’s not just looking for a paycheque as he truly care about growing soccer for Canadians.
  12. I alluded to it in a post on December 5th and again on the 13th. Knew before those dates about the club ( AM ) and their intention to put a team together for this season. Also talked about it on the 29th and a couple days later. Wasn’t at liberty to divulge anything else.
  13. AM approached Hunt to be involved in the new team, but it’s separate from OSEG. Atletico will provide players for the the team but it won’t be anyone of high quality.
  14. If they named themselves Atletico Ottawa I’d be more than ok with that.
  15. OSEG is not an owner in the new group. I do not believe Pugh is involved as an owner either.
  16. As much as Pugh has done to further the game in the city, he will always be viewed by the local clubs as Fury. Not pro soccer Fury but youth academy Fury. The name and what they tried to do was a major detriment amongst the local clubs. This new club will have to get those clubs on board. Even if it means kissing the asses of some of the bigger clubs and those that rule them.
  17. Surprised it took so long for the story of AM to come out. They toured the city almost a month and a half ago.
  18. I look forward to another team in Ottawa. It’s what’s best for soccer in this country.
  19. You had one individual, the head of CONCACAF trying to muscle the Fury into the league. Once he threatened to sanction anyone who was helping the Fury, he got his way. Not sure this qualifies as changing the status quo but he will make the CPL fans happy. It’s a shame the leaders of the game in Canada had only their best interests at heart. There was no need to try and strong arm the situation but he did out of ego and got his way. And it was all to force one team into the league that they would have most likely moved into next year. The butthurtedness was strong amongst the CPL fans on this matter.
  20. Thanks for pointing that out. Instead of listening to the concerns of Fury and letting them provide a place for 15 Canadians to play soccer, many here took pleasure in the demise of the team because they didn’t want to join CPL. Which brings me back to my point about a previous poster; it’s my way or the highway. Not sure how this helps the development of the game.
  21. I’ve never seen or heard anything about a report from Quebec Soccer so I can’t comment on what was said. What do you mean the real issue is facilities? Are you talking Ottawa or other locations?
  22. The expansion fee number isn’t my number it’s the CPL’s. And that was what the expansion fee was to start in the new league last year. It has stopped expansion into at least one market. Maybe a strong second season would justify that $9M expansion fee.
  23. Most of those that posted either wanted them in CPL or to fold. There was very little middle ground. As for Ozzie’s posts I enjoy reading a different perspective on things. I may not agree with his points on certain matters but that doesn’t mean his other posts are off base. Too many folks have one opinion mainly based on group think and won’t see another angle.
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