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  1. I also just got in and am having the same problem.. Update: After numerous refreshes I got to the Canada TST page but said all packages were gone.. continuing trying to refresh but may be out of luck for this window
  2. Hoping to get a ticket shortly although I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get time off work or not yet. Does anyone have experience with previous tournaments and re-sale tickets? As in will I have a good chance of getting my money back if I can't go?
  3. At this point if I attend the tournament it will be solo, as friends and GF can't make a multi-week commitment off of work. Does anyone know if we can still use the group codes on the sale on Wednesday? Would ideally want to sit with fellow V's or Canadian supporters
  4. I certainly wouldn't say no... still trying to get over the sting of Sunday, tailgating always helps
  5. Anyone in here from Hamilton have recommendations on restaurants or bars that have heated patios open for the pre-game? Looking for that or a tailgate hopefully...
  6. My initial thought for this match was to keep my group small since it’s a smaller stadium but if we’re getting a huge V’s allotment I’ll put it out to the whole crew again… had 16 for the Panama match. Can’t wait either way!
  7. Any indication on how early we'll need to show up at the stadium to get in for anthems? Wouldn't want a repeat of BMO last month...
  8. Jays selling tickets at an increased capacity starting next week... good news for this match?
  9. Hi everyone, Relatively new member of the Voyageurs here. Last game against El Salvador was my first time sitting in supporters and naturally now I have a bunch more people who want to come to the Panama game after hearing about my experience. If I'm reading this correctly the ticket limit per single purchase will be 9 tickets? EDIT: Disregard, just saw the message on the Voyageurs site, can't wait for Oct. 13!
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