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  1. He’s playing 4th league in Germany. That halbouni guy from what I heard dominated that 4th league, why give this guy all the hype?
  2. Looks like Halbouni is back after his Acl injury He came on at halftime for 1.FC Magdeburg first preseason game.
  3. Halbouni came on at halftime for 1. FC Magdeburg in their first preseason game. looks like he is back
  4. Well they were down the whole game, k wouldn’t have suspected the coach to put a CB on when they need goals. His time will come hopefully soon
  5. Must have been in the winter window, I would only make sense
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.us/belal-halbouni-quot-i-have-been-a-fighter-my-entire-life-quot-magdeburg-quot-the-right-move-for-me-quot-/view/news/407547
  7. Does make sense. Seems like a solid kid. Much more to experience as well, only 22. The sky is the limit for this lad.
  8. Found a link for the goal. He seems to be a goal getter. He’s gotten a couple goals like that at Bremen ii. I’m excited to see what he can do this season
  9. On Magdeburg’s, website it seems they played 3 preseason games. He has been involved in all 3. Yesterday he scored the winner in the 84th minute.
  10. Wow. Another B2 centre back, that’s pretty good for Canadian Football. Happy for him
  11. There’s speculation that a B2 and B3 club is interested in him on Twitter. Would be a good move for him for both
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