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  1. I didn't compile the list this round, I just shared it here, so I'm not sure who confirmed the Red Card. We will circle back to whoever it was that submitted the Red Card, and make sure it's only on the list for Wednesday if it is 100% confirmed.
  2. Here is the list of viewings that we know of so far: Vancouver - Red Card Montreal - Frappe Edmonton - 1STRND downtown Saskatoon - Sports On Tap Regina - The Lobby Winnipeg – The Kings Head Calgary - Rose & Crown/Kildares Victoria - Yates Street Taphouse Peterborough - Riley's Pub Toronto - 817 Sports Bar
  3. Edit: Winnipeg Viewing's The Kings Head will show the USA game on the 5th and the El Salvador game on the 8th. Nicolino's will show the El Salvador game on the 8th, but sound may be off.
  4. For anyone interested in Winnipeg, The Kings Head will be streaming this one this afternoon.
  5. I love to be proven wrong like this 😏. Although we weren't really wrong then. But she got a lot better (for me it seemed to happen after training with the Foothills) and I'm glad she got the chance to grow into the job.
  6. In case anyone is interested in coming out to the viewing party, The Kings Head will be showing tonight's game (likely upstairs)
  7. Oops... I meant to add that to the list, not make it a separate post 😏
  8. I'll add this to the running list in the facebook group as well.
  9. Sorry I didn't see this yesterday. I don't have any details on the Frappe set up. Someone posted in the V's Facebook group that all GC games would be shown there, so I added it to the list.
  10. At the Kings Head in Winnipeg, they have a Onesoccer account and just stream it from a phone to the TV. When we do the viewings at Nicolino's, they have a cable package with Fox Sports, which also has the games on.
  11. Montreal - Bar Frappe (3900 St-Laurent) Ottawa - The Senate (1159 Bank Street) Toronto -817 Sports Bar & Grill (817 Queen West) Hamilton - Shoeless Joe's (1183 Upper James St.) London - The Scot's Corner (268 Dundas Street) Winnipeg - The Kings Head (120 King Street) Regina - The Lobby (2545 Broad Street) Saskatoon - Sports on Tap (2606 Lorne Ave) Calgary - The Rose & Crown (1503 4 St SW) Edmonton - 1st Rnd (11248 104 Ave) Vancouver - Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery (560 Smithe Street) If you know of others, post them below
  12. This isn't true. It will be about $ some day but right now there are many issues regarding player safety, lack of coverage/resources for players injured on the job, as well as contract issues. I've personally spoken to several players across the league. They not only want a seat/voice at the table, they critically need it.
  13. Yep, QR code works. You can get it instantly on your phone if you create an account on the Website. I had it on my phone minutes after midnight the first day I was eligible.
  14. Halifax/Dartmouth -Celtic Corner Montreal - Bar Frappe Winnipeg - The Kings Head Regina - The Lobby Saskatoon - Sports On Tap Calgary - The Rose & Crown Vancouver - Dublin Calling If you know of any other viewing parties, post below and I'll add them to the list
  15. I don't have a drivers license, but I could try double you on my bike 🤣
  16. Nicolino's is not open on Sunday but the Kings Head (120 King Stret) has stepped up to show the game on Sunday (6:00 PM). If it's busy on Sunday, they'll put the game on upstairs for us.
  17. So 4 games in, which new players is everyone liking so far? It looks like we might finally see Reyes tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that, but there have been a few standouts already. Sirois is obviously incredible - I wish we didn't have to send him back after the season. Ulloa & Akio have shown some real sparks of potential. For me though, I'm really loving Andy Baquero. He was a big question mark for me coming in, because he hadn't played in a few years, & I wondered why an Ontario team didn't snap him up since he's been living in Toronto. But he looks like the real deal to me, and has been so important for us. I'm quite happy with that signing.
  18. I know this isn't really the proper forum but since this is a Winnipeg focused thread I wanted to get this in front of as many eyes as possible (I also posted in the Men's National Team area). Nicolinos isn't normally open on Sundays, but Nick has agreed to open up tomorrow with a limited menu (pizza & salad), to show the Euro final and the Gold Cup match. He will be open from 1-8 pm. In theory those of us going to the Valour match could stop in afterward to watch the Euro final and stay on for the GC. We'd be arriving a bit late though, and I suspect tables might be hard to come by at that time. I'm probably going to go home after the Valour game and come back to Nicolinos around 4:30 or 5:00. The game will also be shown on the patio if the weather cooperates.
  19. Nicolinos is opening up on tomorrow (July 11th) to show the Euro final and the Gold Cup match. They will be open from 1PM to 8PM and will offer a limited food menu, of Pizza and Salad. There will be a tv on the patio, as long as the weather cooperates. It would be nice to see some familiar faces and finally enjoy a Canada game with other people again!
  20. I'd love to change the 'Topic' to Allstate instead of All-State but for the life of me, I can't remember how 😒
  21. We'll have a Voyageurs booth at the Soccer Show. Come check the booth out if you have a chance on Sunday. We'll have some fun discussion topics throughout the day, so watch the Voyageurs social for topics and timing.
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