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  1. My goodness, if you were telling me we just had to finish 1st in a group with us and these 3 minows to get into the hex I would have been thrilled. How can we possibly be worried about any of these teams and discuss having a chance to make a World Cup in the same breath? If we drop any points at all some serious questions should be asked, if we lose time to find a new HC. Hell, we shouldn't even be worried about Haiti.
  2. You aren't getting bubbles with all of the international players coming in during that window.
  3. CDC says IFR (If that's what you want to go with) current estimates are around 0.65%, WHO says 1%, both significantly higher than the seasonal flu. But yeah, moving on.
  4. Yes, easiest path we've had.. like ever? hah
  5. If we can't beat Haiti in a home and away we don't deserve to be in the Hex.
  6. I can't see this as anything more than a win for us. We are lucky they changed it from us only having a chance at the 0.5 spot.
  7. Using numbers from China and making assumptions on numbers of asymptomatic infected. And still delivers higher numbers than Influenza. It really didn't provide a counter point at all. https://www.cmaj.ca/content/192/25/E666 "The crude CFR in Canada was estimated at 4.9% on Apr. 22, 2020. When we accounted for the survival interval, the adjusted CFR was 5.5% (CrI 4.9%–6.4%) (Figure 1B). However, when we considered the reporting rates of confirmed cases, we estimated a further adjusted CFR of 1.6% (CrI 0.7%–3.1%) on the same date by fitting a log-normal distribution to the simul
  8. Stating COVID-19 has the same mortality rate as the seasonal flu is flat out false. Spreading false information does not help anyone anywhere. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-disease-2019-vs-the-flu https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/07/coronavirus-deadlier-than-many-believed-infection-fatality-rate-cvd/ That being said, I think that this qualifying opportunity is better than the one that we would have been facing since El Salvador was gaming the system.
  9. Oh boy, just tuned in. How have we looked? Losing this would be a really big blow to getting to the hex?
  10. Okay, whew. Thank goodness, hopefully they don't take more than 6!
  11. No FIFA points for this game since there are more than 3 subs right?
  12. Soo... by my count that's 4 subs.... That's a problem if we are looking for FIFA points.
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