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  1. Is that the same stuff they have in Hamilton/Winnipeg? Because after watching teams play Valor/Forge on that surface... it's just gross.
  2. Will they lay grass down? I can't imagine they want to play on that shitty turf.
  3. It makes a huge difference in atmosphere. Even if they could set up termporary seating on the track closer to the field, that would be great.
  4. It's too bad the stadium has a track, feels like you are so far from the action.
  5. Lets hope Jamaica can win the next match and get some of their big guns out in November to take some points from teams.
  6. I mean, we are the only away team that got a point during Sundays games, that has to amount to something.
  7. Clearly you haven't been following the Canadian National team very long... or you are trolling.
  8. Lobbying for a guy who can't even get playing time for a League 1 side is weird. We have better options, he will be good one day hopefully, but not today.
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