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  1. There is no excuse for us not to have a friendly scheduled for International Breaks. We should have a friendly scheduled for when the US is playing Cuba. It's a -10 multiplier, which could provide us with crucial points for qualification.
  2. We had 6 total shots with only one on net.. which we scored on. It wasn't pretty.
  3. After watching this game, I want no part of the Hex, bring on the minnows and the chance to play the #4 Hex team for the half spot playoff. We are not ready for the big boys.
  4. We definitely need to play this smart. Can't go all out and give up a cheap one.
  5. Drops them around 18.5 points. They are now in play.
  6. They probably don't know the players names very well and are calling off of a tv monitor.
  7. Dominican still beating El Salvidor 1-0 79th minute Curacao 1 - Haiti 1 also 79th.
  8. Good run by Larin, I'd love to see him gain some confidence and have a few goals this game.
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