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  1. I do wish OneSoccer could have some sort of halftime show, maybe picked up from wherever they are getting the feed from?
  2. https://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/united-states-honduras-9-8-10-30pm-et.2117322/page-24 Meltdown in this thread
  3. How are ticket sales for this match going? Sure hope we have a full house (as permitted by regulations)
  4. Adekube has been fairly poor. It feels like we are getting dominated in the middle a little as well.
  5. Pulisic is going to be interesting.. lets see how his conditioning holds up. Hopefully Davies runs him ragged.
  6. This has not been an inspiring performance. We play like this and the US is going to hand us our lunch.
  7. Who is whistling and why are they so bad at it?
  8. Wheeler wrong there I think. Haiti still needs only 2 right?
  9. The square to the top of the box was wide open. There were 3 guys between him and the goal.
  10. David was a little greedy there. Easy square ball to the middle was the play
  11. For all of the Henry hate, it's actually Kaye who's probably had the slowest start. Giving away a lot of passes so far.
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