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  1. Here is the game he played in on 10/21. He started and played the whole game and looked really good.
  2. https://www.werder.de/aktuell/news/u23/20202021/spielberichte/regionalliga-nord/spielbericht-vfb-oldenburg-u23/ The kid got his first start in a big game and played very well at the CB position. Was able to play the full 90. To reply to snowcrash, Bremen playing a 4 man back line. Hopefully he will get more playing time moving forward
  3. Belal has been doing alright since the lock down started. He was lucky enough that the team let him fly back to canada and spend his time here over the last few months. He was able to continue his training doing individual drills and training on his own. He is now back in Germany with hopes of starting back up again and grinding it out soon. He would be 100% committed to playing team Canada. Born and raised here in this amazing country and will be proud to wear the jersey if he does get the call. I'll keep you guys posted on his training and news
  4. This guy has a great highlight tape. I found some footage on Youtube from years ago which i thought was very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing what this young man can do in Germany and perhaps on the national level one day. @halbouni_12 please keep us updated.
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