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  1. He is becoming somewhat of a wanderer to me. I hope he gets a call from Courtois, that's if he ranks him
  2. I am hearing that Bunbury is in Portugal trying to latch on to a 2nd division squad.
  3. Bunbury may not be playing at a highly competitive level, but he is playing under a coach that expects his players to be highly technical with the ball at their feet. Additionally, he moved him from winger to striker. Based on what I am seeing, it bodes well for his development.
  4. Professional athletes have to be extra careful with what they put in their bodies, especially, the younger ones.
  5. Most of their players came through the youth set-up. However, they do in depth scouting for senior foreign nationals.
  6. Team USA is using the sidelines as their 12th defender vs Davies and Canada hasn't made any adjustments to counter it.
  7. I wish that he was playing to lay rest to our points.
  8. Yes, but they don't have a player nor the tactics to contain Davies.
  9. Something is very wrong with the Mexican program. I can't put my finger on it, but the players look mediocre at best.
  10. Reyna could present some problems on Sunday. I don't Mexico to come back from this deficit.
  11. The US midfield is solid, but like Mexico, they don't have one dynamic player between them. Canada has at least two.
  12. It's extremely important for an attacking player to get behind a defense on the dribble. Davies is one of the handful of players in the world that does that consistently.
  13. This is what Davies did to the USA during the 1st World Cup (2020) qualifying match. He totally dominated them. They were fortunate that he wasn't available for the 2nd one. He is the one unstoppable player in all of CONCACAF.
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