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  1. He was born on late 2000. Dec 29
  2. https://nationalpost.com/sports/soccer/londoner-gets-a-chance-to-realize-childhood-dream-with-german-soccer-league-signing/wcm/e8ab46ef-63e3-466c-8506-e05ca194423f/amp
  3. He had a trial set for Tfc but he had to decline last minute because of the whole Werder Bremen trial. That connection was through a friend and Belal’s connection aswell. And he also was training in Spain as mentioned earlier.
  4. No he has not. The same amazing guy that helped Paul out is the same guy that has helped belal out.
  5. I hope the National team calls him. It’s also his dream to represent Canada. He will definitely work hard to get there as well
  6. His highlight tape and connection.
  7. Not sure what system the u23 have. I’m pretty sure they played 4 4 2 i can find out next game
  8. We have a family connection with Werder Bremen. He went to Spain to train for a week and we got a call for a week trial in Germany for a week. He showed some potential and they told him to come back in Jan. He took full advantage of the 3 week trial. They liked what he showed.
  9. He played half at centre back and 2nd half at right defence. He played really well.
  10. Ok boys. Everything ya need to know about Belal Halbouni. Just reply. yes very talented. Always had the tools for a complete footballer. I’m his cousin and mentor. I’ve been with the kid for since he was 5. He needs to be called to National duties so he can represent his country for World Cup 2026 in Canada
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