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  1. He was on the bench for home opener vs charlotte.
  2. Belal halbouni is very excited to be apart of the whitecaps culture. Once he gets his chance, he will solidify that position. He is pumped and is ready!
  3. He is climbing very quickly and hope he gets his chance for national team.
  4. You will find out in the coming weeks where he will play. He is very excited for the next chapter of his career. And thankful for the experience he got.
  5. Halbouni is 6’3-6’4. And he is still 21 😀
  6. He kind of resembles van dijk before he got injured. He was also a forward converted to a centre back. Same size and build and same skill set. It’s amazing to see a kid grow and grow. Thanks for all the love and feed backs. We appreciate it. Also the negative stuff. Everyone’s has a right to say what they want. I bust on Lebron games too because he is the best. ❤️
  7. Yes he is my lil cousin. We are proud. He is working hard and developing quickly. He is trusting the process and getting a bit of recognition. He still have room to develop. The good thing is Canada team is doing well and there are some promising players stepping in. I love our national team. And would be great and a dream come true if he was part of it now or later. The criticism is fine. People have their own opinions. Our skin is thick and will keep moving on. Negative comments won’t effect his abilities. He is a humble kid that is trying to live out his dream and trying to get better every day. There are a lot of Canadian youngsters that look promising as well. I wish every footballer has a chance to live out their dream and hopefully can help out national team our for the future of Canada soccer. Nothing but love!!
  8. This kid is really coming into his own. He looks really confident back there. He definitely should be considered bringing into the national team. He scored a nice header 2 games ago in their 8-1 win. And scored the game winner last game in their 2-1 win. 2 goals in 2 games from your cb. He did recently sign Alphonso Davies agent so Sky is the limit for this young superstar. I know that the first team did call him up to train with them so hopefully it’s only a matter of time before he bursts this bubble. He has size length speeed and an impressive vertical with strength. All the combinations for a great physical cb.
  9. He got selected to play in the final camp for first team nationals this Jan.
  10. Belal Halbouni got asked to go the Canadian National team camp this Jan 9 -14. He is very happy to get selected and honoured. His hard work is starting to pay off and getting some recognition from his play. He has been very focused and eager to show his talents. He is very excited.
  11. https://nationalpost.com/sports/soccer/londoner-gets-a-chance-to-realize-childhood-dream-with-german-soccer-league-signing/wcm/e8ab46ef-63e3-466c-8506-e05ca194423f/amp
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