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    Canada vs England, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Paraguay, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Wales, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs France, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)
    Canada vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)
    Canada vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)
    Canada vs Guatemala, 1988 WCQ (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Australia, 1993 WCQ (Edmonton)
    Canada vs Jamaica, 1997 WCQ (Vancouver)

    West Germany vs Scotland, 1986 World Cup (Queretaro, MX)
    Uruguay vs West Germany, 1986 World Cup (Queretaro, MX)
    USSR vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, MX)
    France vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)
    Italy vs Bulgaria, 1986 World Cup (Mexico City, MX)
    Nicaragua at Guatemala, 1996, 1998 WCQ (Guatemala City)
    Trinidad & Tobago at USA, 1996, 1998 WCQ (Richmond, VA)
    Cameroon vs Russia, 1994 World Cup (Palo Alto, California)
    Austria at Poland, 2005 WCQ (Chorzow, Poland)
    Spain vs Ukraine, 2006 World Cup (Leipzig, Germany)
    Belarus at Luxembourg, 2007, Euro 2008 q (Luxembourg City)
    Georgia at Lithuania, 2007, Euro 2008 qu (Kaunas, Lithuania)
    El Salvador at USA, 2009, 2010 WCQ (Salt Lake City, Utah)

    Olympic Qualifiers...
    -numerous Canadian games at Swangard in late 80's/early 90's
    -Mexico vs Panama, Honduras vs T and T, 2012 (Los Angeles)

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  1. Any idea of how many tickets sold in our section?
  2. I already have my plane ticket to Dallas and would like a ticket to the game. However, does anyone have any advice about changing password on Voyageurs Forum? I have attempted a few times and have had no success. I have been receiving emails as I am a paid member.
  3. Yeah, it was when the CSL was in operation and they only allowed 2 or 3 players from each team to be play, so Waiters couldn't get the side he wanted. Forrest's replacement never got another cap.
  4. Being a poor student meant I reused VHS tapes numerous times. Compounding the quality issue was Honduran broadcast quality from 30 years. I still love those Agent Orange CBC jackets.
  5. I've finally figured out a way to get footage from my old VHS tapes on here. I'll try to put on a few that haven't been added from our glory years.
  6. I am sure we'll get the " at least there's the Gold Cup" comments pretty soon. The ****ing Gold Cup is the Spengler Cup of football, a poor man's tourney. The sad part is that we have to wait until 2016 for another chance at World Cup.
  7. The biggest motivator for Hoillet and possibly DeGuzman to commit to Canada would be our success in the first two rounds. Once we are in the hex, 4/6 go to WC or playoff. Statistically speaking, the odds are good. A lot of you younger guys won't remember Branko Segota. He was our top offensive weapon (along with Mitchell) in the mid 80's. In the early rounds of '86 qualifiers, he'd miss practices and not fully commit, so Waiters booted him. Once we qualified, he came sniffing around again with his tail between his legs and Waiters included him on the roster. To improve our depth, I believe we should have a similar attitude and take all comers.
  8. I have ancient VHS tapes/DVDs that I am willing to put on You Tube if someone can step me through the process. I have most World Cup qualifiers from 1985 to present day as well as Mexico at Canada in 1980 at the Ex. I have a Macbook and I tried a you tube tutorial but their idea to use a camcorder to transfer did not work. I can convert VHS to DVD if that makes it easier.
  9. They are waiting for the opportune time to rig it to the satisfaction of the power players (USA, Mexico and the Jack Warner National Team).
  10. I have a treasure trove on VHS. Most of Canada's WCQ goals since 85-lots of full games. I am technologically feeble. How does one put them on You Tube?
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