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  1. Take the direct bus from Union station to the Hunter Go Station. Way more comfortable and far fewer stops! (Unless traveling in rush hour when it's slower).
  2. You based in France? How much is shipping? I'll give you the shirt for free if you pay the shipping
  3. John McGrane is against the Steelers name - thanks for the snark tho
  4. Hearing some good Hamilton soccer news could be headed our way this week. Stay tuned.... Also register your email on http://bartonbattalion.ca if you haven't already.
  5. Pat you goon - stop posting this drivel. You're literally the only one remotely saying this is "the end of the Hamilton CPL franchise".
  6. Obviously you know your beers because half your SG muddles about in the KWU beer tent instead of watching games in the stands...
  7. Gang, I've got three tickets to the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame dinner on Friday May 12th. Its a fun night of drinks and local soccer, Tancredi is being inducted this year and we'll be sitting at the Ticats table. If you're interested in a ticket message me
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