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  1. You do not need the media’s attention. You need the attention of the Victoria CPL owners. But you already have that and you have their contact information. So contact them.
  2. Apologies as I was far from specific enough. It is more a case of an unsustainable increase in expenditures per event which does not show up in the total expenditures unless you are taking the number of events into consideration. In short, the decrease in expenditures was not nearly as large as was necessary in what was to be a much less busy year.
  3. I will give you three guesses as to why expenditures increased unsustainably in 2017 and the first two do not count. To be perfectly honest, I am very surprised that no one has put it together before.
  4. So before getting into this, I would like to clarify a few things. To begin with, the man’s last name is Genier not Grenier. Secondly and more importantly, you did not actually ‘discover’ these tweets, did you? These are your tweets under the mlswriters Twitter account. Correct me if I am wrong but I have seen enough on here that I am reasonably confident that this forum account, mlswriters, and Pat are all the same person. And if that is the case, you realize what you are doing do you not? You are actually creating the rumours you are referring to and in the process spreading
  5. Just keep in mind point #7. People change their minds. Unexpected hurdles pop up. Just because these names have been trademarked does not mean they will be used. But I do not think anyone here worth their salt is unaware that that is the case. And one final thing I would like to mention is that there are actually many average fans who have heard those names before being discussed in relation to their potential local CPL team. But the vast majority of them do not frequent these parts anymore, otherwise you might have some more helpful information. Regardless, I hope that information
  6. This is simply to clear up some of the confusion. 1. Port City is lower mainland of BC. 2. Cavalry is Calgary. 3. Neither Saskatoon nor Winnipeg are represented in the list of names that has been passed around. 4. Founders is Hamilton. 5. Calgary is as much a guarantee for year one of the league as it is possible to be. 6. Calgary - Edmonton will be a great rivalry but there are others that could be just as fierce. 7. Nothing is set in stone until it is and right now these names are not. 8. This is quite a decent tool to help you assess the quality o
  7. If you are going to refute a criticism, provide some evidence to refute it. On second thought, nevermind. It was likely a hopeless task to get you to be honest with people on this forum. I suspect it would have been better of me to simply have let this go.
  8. Considering you are not at the table, you certainly do a lot of talking. 2018 is off the table, and when that is announced the above statement will look a bit foolish. And before you respond by pointing out the business plan that you presented to the CSA, I assure you it will have little or no impact on the final product. If I don't miss my guess, they binned it. Sorry to be blunt, but this is delusion of a high order. It is wonderful that you are very enthusiastic about the upcoming league but it is important for people to stay grounded as well.
  9. There are only so many potential reasons for that to have happened. I know those reasons, but I completely understand if you do not believe that I do as I have not provided any credentials. I will not provide any so you will just have to judge what I say as we go forward and if I continue to post. If I have at least raised the possibility that the source of the information that was leaked was not reported accurately and that its subsequent removal was not necessarily for the reasons that you concluded, then that will have to suffice. And just to be clear, I am not debating whether
  10. Well I do not think we are that far apart on this to be fair. I think having Paul Beirne state over and over that 2018 is the goal but if they are not ready that they will launch in 2019 and then having stated, leaked, or otherwise released information say 2018 may seem slightly misleading but is not really much of a shock. If they are aiming for 2018 why would they put anything else on a presentation? If you think that qualifies as logic falling apart then you are entitled to your opinion and I likely will not convince you otherwise. As for the disappearing information, you do not know
  11. Trust me. I could tell you stories. But I will not.
  12. I am not even sure where to start with this. Not only have you not provided any reason for why my logic 'falls apart', you have likely, with the last point, reinforced my point rather than refuted it. I am not convinced you understand my point to be frank. However, I will give a brief response. My recollection of what McGrane said and what was reported was that the CPL was targeting 2018. What Paul Beirne has said was that they are targeting 2018 but if they are not ready then it will be 2019. No inconsistency there. I have no idea what your point is with the so called 'Halifax Pap
  13. Well I must admit you got me there. Using the word 'owed' was an extrapolation from your general tone but was not contained in the meaning of your actual words. Mea culpa. It is a possibility that releasing some more information by now would have been a wiser approach. But erring on the side of caution, especially while dealing with prickly local politicians, might yet prove to be the better strategy on their part. However, since we are on tendencies, yours is to ignore people's main points and deflect from critiques by focusing on some other minor point. One other general po
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