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  • The Good:

    Re-emergence of Pedro Morales

    Big players step up in big games and guide their team to victories. They take advantage of opportunities given to them. The goals don't have to be pretty, they all count.

    Over the past few games Morales has played okay, borderline well. The problem is that with what he has shown previously, and with his huge salary by MLS standards, the Whitecaps supporters and management want great, amazing and did you see that in every match, not just playing well game to game.

    After he missed the first penalty many supporters where thinking he blew the chance to score and those don't come too often lately for Morales or the Whitecaps.

    He made sure on his first goal that it was going into the back of the mesh. The goal for the brace was great but without a lot of the build-up play from Kekuta Manneh and Steven Beitashour there is no chance for Pedro.

    Let's hope moving forward we see this version of Pedro and not what we have seen the previous few games. The ‘Caps need it.

    The Average:

    Kendall Waston’s Defensive Play

    I will start this off by saying I love what he has brought to the team since he has been here. I will take the yellow cards and the games he will miss due to suspensions. I will take his heading ability and ability to draw penalties in the box.

    The main concern I have is when the opposing player has the ball with his back to him, sometimes he is too over eager to get the ball on a tackle instead of being in a proper position. If he closes too strong it will lead to great free kick positions. Or if an opposing player sees him moving up too quick to get to the player with the ball, they will slip behind him to receive a pass in the space Waston just left that has opened up.

    I know you have to take some mistakes, yellows and tough penalties with a player like Waston to get the good he offers.

    The Bad:

    Sebastian Fernandez’s Reputation for Diving

    It's sad to see that a few classless plays in the beginning of the season still haunts Fernandez this far into the season. He has been waved off from getting a penalty in the previous two games and this one.

    The referees know what he has done in the past and let's hope next season it will be a clean start. He has to keep at his game and keep attacking, sooner or later he will get a call in his favour.

    Robinson was furious when he didn't get the call in the first half and you saw him working the fourth official. A manager has to do that for his player.

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